Be The Voice That Stops Bullying

Bullying is widespread in schools across America.

Bullying is a documented problem in both Thomasville City School and Thomas County School systems.

Be the Voice that Stops Bullying – We have purchased and received 2 kits. We have distributed to two local middle schools (Thomas County Middle School and McIntyre Park Middle School) in October. Once they have completed the project, we will invite them to the Rotary Club to share the results.

Both principals have been contacted since distribution. Since distribution we have received the following feedback from these schools:

"McIntyre Park Middle School will view the last video for the Anti-Bullying Campaign. We are discovering that some students have become more vigilant in reporting to staff members and/or parents if they feel they are being bullied - Dr. Tret Witherspoon, Principal

We have given the pre survey to 7th and 8th grade. Approximately 850 students are participating. We will begin the video sessions this week. The videos are introduced by TCMS students and shown to the 7th and 9th grade. The series is approximately 12 weeks. We hope to have some post data when given the survey again - Mr. Jamie Thompson, Principal

This program supports our Rotary Brand by demonstrating our support for education and for the young people in our community. This will be an annual program.