Recognizing Those Who Serve: "Local Heroes"

The Rotary Club of Thomasville is in the 5th year of honoring each of the local service branches of our community: Law Enforcement (Thomasville Police and Thomas County Sheriff), both City and County Fire Departments, Emergency Medical Technicians, and the Utility Department. This year we added Grady EMC to our last cookout and the Rotary Club of Cairo assisted us.

We have finalized our cookouts for the year for each of the branches listed above. Each event has been wonderful for not only the people we were serving but each Rotarian that volunteered. Our club has had over 20 members at some cookouts. Many local business donated food and drinks to each event. Its been a pleasure and a privilege to thank these brave men and woman. This project emphasizes the Rotary Brand by honoring those who "Serve Humanity".