Be The Voice That Stops Bullying

Be The Voice Anti-Bullying continues to be strongly supported by The Rotary Club of Thomasville. It continues to be a documented problem in both Thomasville City School and Thomas County School systems. The Rotary Club purchased 2 kits again for the school year 2020. There The program implementation was delayed due to COVID-19. A late Kick off will be implemented

The program is student-led and the students continue to excel in their work and the reporting of bullying in the schools and community. Because schools are not holding in-person full-time classes, virtual programming has successfully occurred.

Update: During COVID the youth have worked diligently to get the messages out via newspaper TV and emails how important it is to stop bullying. Youth at Macintyre Park was on fire!! They were featured on ABC New due to their awesome Black History work! They have even gotten some national attention with an interview on ABC News. They have also participated in key BTV State Media announcements.