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ClubMeeting DateProgram 
ThomasvilleMay 24, 2018Regular Meeting-Program- Annika A. Culver and Laws of Life & Scholarship Recipients
ThomasvilleMay 31, 2018Regular Meeting-Ashley Quinn, Collections Mgr at Georgia College speaking on Paleontology & fossils in our region
ThomasvilleJun 7, 2018Regular Meeting-Danny Hendrix, The Three Things that Leaders need to learn to say!
ThomasvilleJun 14, 2018Regular Meeting-Gary Black, Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture
ThomasvilleJun 21, 2018Regular Meeting-Four Way Test
ThomasvilleJun 28, 2018Regular Meeing-President Teri Swan Song & Inductions of 2018-19 President Andre' & her Board
ThomasvilleAug 2, 2018Regular Meeting-Mark Butler, State of Georgia Labor Commissioner
ThomasvilleOct 4, 2018Regular Meeting-Mandy Vickers Zahniser with Lives Without Limits