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ClubMeeting DateProgram 
ThomasvilleMar 22, 2018Regular Meeting-Al Latimer, Director of the Office of Economic Vitality in Tallahassee. Will speak on Tallahassee’s bid for the Amazon HQ2
ThomasvilleMar 29, 2018NO LUNCH MEETING TODAY-Cookout tonight
ThomasvilleApr 5, 2018Regular Meeting-Former US Ambassador to Slovkia on the WWI Commission
ThomasvilleApr 12, 2018Regular Meeting-GRSP Student Anna-Her year in Georgia
ThomasvilleApr 19, 2018Regular Meeting-Nancy Tinker from National Trust
ThomasvilleApr 26, 2018Regular Meeting-John Eunice
ThomasvilleMay 3, 2018NO Lunch meeting today-Join us the evening for Celebration fellow Rotarians & their Plus One
ThomasvilleMay 10, 2018Regular Meeting-Matt Bishop, UGA's Fanning Institute for Leadership Development
ThomasvilleMay 17, 2018Regular Meeting-Laws of Life Award Winners
ThomasvilleMay 24, 2018Regular Meeting
ThomasvilleMay 31, 2018Regular Meeting-Ashley Quinn, Collections Mgr at Georgia College speaking on Paleontology & fossils in our region
ThomasvilleJun 7, 2018Regular Meeting
ThomasvilleJun 14, 2018Regular Meeting-Gary Black, Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture
ThomasvilleJun 21, 2018Regular Meeting
ThomasvilleJun 28, 2018NO Lunch meeting today-Join us the evening for President Teri Swan Song & Inductions of 2018-19 President Andre' & her Board