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December 20, 2018

Club Calendar

December is Disease Prevention and Treatment Month

1/10 Regular Meeting-Shelly Zorn-Development
1/17 Regular Meeting

Our Rotary Family

12/2 Roy Campbell
12/6 Andy Sheppard
12/10 Andy Jones
12/11 Eric Ward
12/13 Bob Drummond
12/14 Walter Gilbert
12/16 John Bracey
12/16 Mike Bixler
12/23 Eugene McNease
12/24 Al Nicholson
12/24 Carlton Bryant
12/25 Sabrina Boykins Everett
12/25 Oscar Mims
12/29 Susie Shin
12/31 Rob Milberg
12/31 Lisa Billups
12/31 Robert Jackson
12/31 Laine Reichert
12/31 Tara Hagan


12/1 Harry Tomlinson (39)
12/11 Rankin Smith (27)
12/19 George Stephens (66)
12/20 Al Nicholson (15)
12/21 Fran Milberg (49)
12/22 Shelba Sellers (27)
12/27 Frederick Buechner (43)
12/29 Joe Brown (60)
12/30 Tim Filston (23)


12/1 Rebecca Strickland (15)
12/1 Pat McLeod (31)
12/1 Scott Rich (41)
12/2 John Brown (8)
12/2 Craig Wentworth (8)
12/3 Thomas Carlton (3)
12/3 Howard Stephens (3)
12/13 Susie Shin (0)
12/13 Julie Cannady (0)
12/13 Matt Brown (0)
4 years in Rotary
12/13 John Blackmon (0)
3 years in Rotary
12/13 Gerhard Sommer (17)
12/13 Barbara Williams-Anderson (0)
12/18 Shanna Derby (4)
12/18 Frank Helms (4)
5 years in Rotary

Rotary Online



Thursdays, 12:15 pm
The Plaza Restaurant
217 South Broad Street
Thomasville, GA 31792 May 1, 1921
Active Membership: 144 FacebookInstagram

ROTARY CLUB OF Thomasville
PO Box 1277
Thomasville, GA 31799

President Andre' Marria
President-Elect Kim Walden
Immediate Past President Teri White
Vice President Tom Callaway
Treasurer Teri White
Treasurer Rick Piper
Secretary Angela Williamson
Foundation Chair Kim Walden
Foundation Chair Scott Rich
Membership Chair Ben Wilds
Public Image Chair Marta Turner
Sergeant-at-Arms Janet Liles
Program Director Jay Flowers
Sergeant-at-Arms Krista Peace

Christmas Bonus...let's be generous
We will be taking up a collection for Colby and the other servers on Thursday, December 20th

December 17-21 @ WalMart Food Entrance
Don't forget Rotary will be ringing the Bell for the Salvation Army

This Thursday, December 20th at the Plaza
Blood Drive starting 11am - 2pm-We need your BLOOD!

Rotary delivering Dictionaries

This Week's Program
Lt Col Reg McCutcheon

Reg McCutcheon is a retired US Air Force Lt Colonel with over 34 years of service, he is a combat veteran and Bronze Star recipient, with two Meritorious Service Medals, three Commendation Medals, NATO Medal, and an Afghanistan Campaign Medal along with a host of other medals and awards for his service.

He is a Marriage and Family Therapist, certified in Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional.

Colonel McCutcheon has served in many capacities in his career to include Squadron Commander, Chief of Operations Training, NATO Senior Planner, Combat Crew Commander and Regional Director of Admissions at the USAF Academy along with several other Space and Missile Operations Officer positions. He is a graduate of the Valdosta State University with a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy, Graduate of Webster University with a Master of Arts in Business and a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University.

He is also a graduate from US Air Force, Air University: Air War College, Air Command and Staff College, Squadron Officer’s School, Undergraduate Space Training and Undergraduate Missile Training programs.

Currently, Reg is the President and Chairman of the board of Kindle Lodge in Quitman GA. Through Experiential and Post Traumatic Growth programs Kindle Lodge provides a wide range of nonresidential support programs to include individual, couple, family, and group therapy, peer-mentoring, and coaching. They are passionate about helping veterans, first responders and their families overcome the traumatic impacts of service.

Reception for DG Court at Michele Arwood's home

Beautiful venue, wonderful food and great fellowship!

District Governor Court Dowis Visit

DG Court on the radio with PP Homer Pankey

Might you be willing to host a GRSP student for a year of incredible experiences with us?

Please let Kim Walden know! Anyone who has ever done it has said it was Wonderful!

In 1946, Will Watt gave the Thomasville Rotary Club the distinction of having founded the Georgia Rotary Student Program. GRSP sponsors students from around the world for academic studies at Georgia colleges and universities. The Thomasville Rotary Club has participated in GRSP every year since its inception.


Many years ago in a land far from here,

A Rotarian, Will Watt, had an idea.

After World War II there was an international need, From his thoughts the Rotary program did seed.

The idea was simple, to bring to this state

Some international students to integrate. America would benefit and so would they, By all the culture transferred each way.

Since its beginning, the program has grown.

This year 65 students came here alone. During their year they study, travel and play, Each of them in their own different way.

The concept is wonderful, of that there's no doubt.

International understanding is what we're about, Which brings me back to my original verse: The Rotary principle that Service comes first.

Maybe this poem's a little bit sappy,

But now that it's finished I feel quite happy. Not having written many poems before,

I think these six verses settle the score.

On behalf of the students who came here this fall, Georgia Rotarians: We salute you all!

But let me finish by saying just this: What's the deal with these tasteless grits?!

Gordon S. Anderson Bellingham,


Class of 1990-91

Time for Rotary Leadership Institute
Want to learn more?

RLI – Thomasville, GA – 6900

January 19, 2019 @ 8:00 am - 3:30 pm

$100 value paid by the club!

Rotary is a worldwide organization that accomplishes change in the world. RLI shares the knowledge of rotary on a deeper level and will give you a greater understanding of your membership organization. please join us for a day of fun, inspiration and learning on the house!

Email kimberlywalden@gmail.com to sign up or learn more!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


Registration is open for
District 6900 Conference in April 2019