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January 29, 2019

Club Calendar

January is Vocational Service Month

1/31 Regular Meeting - Roger Hawke - Hubs and Hops
2/7 Regular Meeting - Alan Ross
2/14 Regular Meeting
2/21 Regular Meeting -

Our Rotary Family

1/1 Paul Hancock
1/1 Ellis Jackson
1/1 Randy Watts
1/3 Adam Carvin
1/6 Terry Rouse
1/7 Kim Walden
1/9 Teri White
1/9 Carol Jones
1/9 Frances Parker
1/10 Debbie Quinton
1/13 Al Park
1/13 Hinson Arwood
1/16 Ray Thompson
1/16 John Archer, Sr.
1/21 Erik von Hellens
1/21 Tim Filston
1/22 Susan Backofen
1/23 Nate Tyler
1/25 John Brown
1/25 Shelba Sellers


1/6 Mike Bixler (46)
1/9 Bob Drummond (37)
1/14 Wayne Newsome (40)
1/17 Debbie Goodman (38)
1/17 Wallace Goodman (38)
1/20 Warren Stafford (56)
1/22 Howard Stephens (49)
1/24 Clay Campbell (38)


1/1 GRSP Admin (2)
1/1 Richard Vann (23)
1/1 Ed Elam, III (38)
1/1 Powell Jones (33)
38 years in Rotary
1/9 Roy Campbell (5)
1/9 Paul Hancock (5)
1/10 Nathaniel Abrams (6)
1/13 Paul Hjort (2)
72 years in Rotary
1/14 Scott Smith (11)
1/15 Vann Middleton (4)
1/17 Mary Collins (8)
11 years in Rotary
1/24 Charlene Parrish (17)
1/26 Claire Bowen (2)
1/28 Chris Huckans (3)
1/29 Adam Carvin (4)

Rotary Online



Thursdays, 12:15 pm
The Plaza Restaurant
217 South Broad Street
Thomasville, GA 31792 May 1, 1921
Active Membership: 140 FacebookInstagram

ROTARY CLUB OF Thomasville
PO Box 1277
Thomasville, GA 31799

President Andre' Marria
President-Elect Kim Walden
Immediate Past President Teri White
Vice President Tom Callaway, III
Treasurer Teri White
Treasurer Rick Piper
Secretary Angela Williamson
Foundation Chair Kim Walden
Foundation Chair Scott Rich
Membership Chair Ben Wilds
Public Image Chair Marta Turner
Sergeant-at-Arms Janet Liles
Program Director Jay Flowers
Sergeant-at-Arms Krista Peace

From the President Andre's Desk

Time and health are two precious assets

that we don't recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.

-Denis Waitley

Look to your health; and if you have it,

praise God and value it next to conscience;

for health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of,

a blessing money can't buy.

-Izaak Walton

This Week's Program
Roger Hawk

Married, wife Nancy. Three Children, Kenny 37, Kevin 29, Madison(step-daughter) 26. Two grandchildren, Brandon 10, Morgan 5.

Army Veteran-1978-82

Forensic Graduate Programs through University of Louisville, Virginia and The FBI Academy

Veteran of Miami and Tallahassee Police Departments, retired 2005 after 26 years of service.

Worked as a Forensic Scientist and supervised the Tallahassee unit for 15 years.

In 2005 joined the Higher Ground Bicycle Co. as a partner.

In 2015 partnered in the opening of Ology Brewing in mid-town Tallahassee.

Moved to Thomasville in Jan. 2018, opened Hubs and Hops in March of 2018.

Business Partner-JoAnne Maltese

Tap Room Manager-Madison

Thank you for our wonderful program last week
Sharon Edwards with SPARK Thomasville

Classification Talk 2.0
Well done Debbie Goodman

Volunteer Readers Needed

We have opportunities for six Rotarians to read to Hand in Hand students on Friday, February 8 at 8:15a.

It's a very short book called "Pigsty" that shouldn't take but a few minutes of your time.

Please contact Trent Reynolds at trent@tcpls.org if you would like to read.

ABC's of Rotary

The Official Rotary Flag
An official flag was formally adopted by Rotary International at the 1929 Convention in Dallas, Texas. The
Rotary flag consists of a white field with the official wheel emblem emblazoned in gold in the centre of the
field. The four depressed spaces on the rim of the Rotary wheel are coloured royal blue. The words "Rotary"
and "International" printed at the top and bottom depressions on the wheel rim are also gold. The shaft in the

hub and the keyway of the wheel are white.

USA Map Service Project Painting

The date has been set for Saturday, February 9th to paint the USA Map at Garrison-Pilcher school.

8a - 2p

We need 10-12 volunteers to assist in this project. All it takes is a willing heart. Supplies will be provided.

The map will be located on the courts to the right of the school's circular driveway.

Let Susan O'Neal know if you can join in on the fun for the day.

It's off and rolling
The newly sponsored Rotaract Club at Thomas University

First President George Stanley

Rotarians Walter Marria, President Andre' Marria & Morgan Bailey. Club Advisor Taga Hagan and 8 members.

More on
The Rotary Foundation

Clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education are basic necessities for a healthy environment and a productive life.

When people have access to clean water and sanitation, waterborne diseases decrease, children stay healthier and attend school more regularly, and mothers can spend less time carrying water and more time helping their families.

How Rotary makes help happen

Through water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programs, Rotary’s people of action mobilize resources, form partnerships, and invest in infrastructure and training that yield long-term change.

Whine or Wine-Tuesday, February 5th @ Hubs & Hops

First Tuesday of the month from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. It's a great time to get to know one another and it is a make up!

Come learn about our club during
Fireside Chat

On Tuesday, February 19th, Teri will host our Fireside Chat at her Barn. Click here to reserve your place https://thomasvillerotary.org/v2/reservation/creat...

900 Clyde Griffin Road, Thomasville

5:45p - 7:30p

Join the fun, fellowship with new members, food, and great discussion.