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March 18, 2019

Club Calendar

March is Water and Sanitation Month

3/21 Regular Meeting- Jonathon Canon - Southwest GA Xtreme R/C Club
3/28 Regular Meeting - Will Watt - He flew "The Hump"
4/4 Regular Meeting - Randolph Russell
4/11 Regular Meeting - Marta Turner - Meet and Eat at the new Flowers Foods Museum.

Our Rotary Family

3/2 Nancy Tillinghast
3/4 Will Watt , III
3/9 Frederick Buechner
3/16 Scott Rich
3/21 Powell Jones
3/24 Adrian Burns
3/24 Julie Cannady
3/27 David Lewis
3/27 Perry Mustian
3/31 Trent Reynolds


3/5 Mark Lowe (14)
3/6 Ronnie Godwin (15)
3/24 Mary Beth Donalson (18)
3/24 Will Watt , III (29)
3/25 Heather Lindquist (24)
3/28 Tom Harrison, Jr. (21)
3/30 Charles Dixon (23)


3/1 Troy Rich (1)
3/1 Elijah Miranda (2)
3/1 Joe Brown (14)
3/6 Ellis Jackson (11)
3/7 Bryant Beadles (6)
3/7 John Archer, Sr. (1)
4 years in Rotary
3/8 Hinson Arwood (1)
3/19 Angela Williamson (4)
3/20 William Felts (5)
3/21 Susan O'Neal (11)
3/22 Irene Gleason (7)
3/22 Dan Bain, III (6)
44 years in Rotary
3/24 Janet Liles (3)
3/27 Rankin Smith, Jr. (5)
19 years in Rotary
3/28 Danny Braddy (17)
3/31 Robert Jackson (3)
44 years in Rotary
3/31 Gregory Adams (3)
47 years in Rotary

Rotary Online



Thursdays, 12:15 pm
The Plaza Restaurant
217 South Broad Street
Thomasville, GA 31792 May 1, 1921
Active Membership: 140 FacebookInstagram

ROTARY CLUB OF Thomasville
PO Box 1277
Thomasville, GA 31799

President Andre' Marria
President-Elect Kim Walden
Immediate Past President Teri White
Vice President Tom Callaway, III
Treasurer Teri White
Treasurer Rick Piper
Secretary Angela Williamson
Foundation Chair Kim Walden
Foundation Chair Scott Rich
Membership Chair Ben Wilds
Public Image Chair Marta Turner
Sergeant-at-Arms Janet Liles
Program Director Jay Flowers
Sergeant-at-Arms Krista Peace

We had FUN with
Odyssey of the Mind students

This week's program is
Jonath0n Cannon with Southwest Georgia Xtreme RC Club

It is a pleasure to welcome you the Southwest Georgia Xtreme RC Club. This club has been around since 1990 and was founded by Tom Robbins under the name of Rose City Aero Modelers. It is a registered AMA club that encourages fellowship, safety, and the joy of flight. It doesn't matter if you are just a beginner or an expert, you will feel at home with the members. The membership is made up of all skill levels with varying years of experience. Each one enjoy helping each other in this exciting and fulfilling hobby. If you're into fixed wings, helis, multi-rotors, boats, cars, FPV, or anything else RC related, you will find other members who enjoy your same interest.

SafeDrive shared with Kappa League

Mike Bixler talked with Kappa League members on Rotary's Safe Drive program.

ABC's of Rotary

100 Percent Attendance
Regular attendance is essential to a strong and active Rotary club. The emphasis on attendance is traced back to 1922 when Rotary International announced a worldwide attendance contest that motivated thousands of Rotarians to achieve 100 percent attendance year after year. Many Rotarians take great pride in maintaining their 100 percent record in their own club or by making-up at other Rotary club meetings.

Although the bylaws of Rotary require members to attend only 60 percent of all meetings, the custom has emerged that 100 percent is the desirable level. Rotary stresses regular attendance because each member represents his own business or profession and thus the absence of any member deprives the club of the values of its diversified membership and the personal fellowship of each member. From time to time, proposals have been made to give attendance credit for various reasons or to lower the minimum requirement. Such attempts generally have been rebuffed by the clubs acting through the Council on Legislation.

THIS Thursday, March 21st @ 5:30 pm
March Board Meeting, at the Library

From the Desk of President Andre'