Books Are Magic


Rotarian Trent Reynolds, Director of the Thomas County Library, is an active member of the Certified Literacy Community Program providing important leadership and the Chair of this committee in our Club. Under this program, annually free books are given to four year olds, dictionaries are given to third graders, a Back to School Blitz is conducted, a fund raising spelling bee is held and GED Scholarships are awarded. Rotary In cooperation with CLEP, Kiwanis, Flowers Foods and Thomas County Family Connections, purchased and distributed 675 dictionaries and 681 books to elementary school children in 25 classes at four elementary schools. The book Never Tickle a Tiger was read to the children. This program stimulates a love of reading early that is a fundamental skill required for an education enhancing the student's development and academic performance which ultimately benefits the community. Involvement by our Club in this activity reinforces our branding as a major supporter of education and supports our community outreach. This is a continuing activity of our Club each year.