Students Of The Month

Our Club recognizes academic and technology students of the month, their parents and advisors. Each student is asked to identify his guests at the meeting, typically parents and advisors or sponsors, describe their major activities in high school and their plans for the future. Having an opportunity to speak before a group teaches them about preparation and gives them confidence about such opportunities to speak in the future. The students are awarded certificates for their selection and have a picture made to be published in the Thomasville Times Enterprise. Recognition of these students rewards them for their hard work and encourages others to emulate them leading to more productive citizens. This activity supports our Brand as encouraging scholarship and citizenship in our student population. This is a continuing activity each year.

Update: Student of the Month – This starts in October after the schools have been in session for a few months. On alternating 2-week intervals, the Rotary Club of Thomasville will present academic Student of the Month and Technical Student of the Month. Rotarian members of the Student of the Month Committee alternate in making these presentations.