Books Are Magic

Rotarian Nancy Tillinghast, Director of the Thomas County Library, is an active member of the Certified Literacy Community Program for the past eight years providing important leadership and the Chair of this committee in our Club. Under this program, annually free books are given to four year olds, dictionaries are given to third graders, a Back to School Blitz is conducted, a fund raising spelling bee is held and GED Scholarships are awarded. Rotary In cooperation with CLEP, Kiwanis, Flowers Foods and Thomas County Family Connections, purchased and distributed 675 dictionaries and 681 books to elementary school children in 25 classes at four elementary schools. The book Gotta Go Gotta Go was read to the children. This program stimulates a love of reading early that is a fundamental skill required for an education enhancing the student's development and academic performance which ultimately benefits the community. Involvement by our Club in this activity reinforces our branding as a major supporter of education and supports our community outreach. This is a continuing activity of our Club each year.



HIV/Drug Abusewareness/Teen Pregnancy

Project Description

The Rotary Club of Thomasville provided financial and volunteered resources to the Boys & Girls Clubs’ Youth Leadership Council – a teen leadership group charged with providing advocacy and education to prevent teenage pregnancy among adolescents and youth, impacting 1,824 beneficiaries providing 3,780 contact hours of encouragement. See the Impact Statement below.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Community Education Activities Conducted:

  • A Teen Summit – serving 167 teens in a full day workshop addressing topics on teen pregnancy prevention, leadership, violence, and gang awareness.
  • A Back to School Blitz- which entailed distributing over 300 pamphlets on teen pregnancy prevention tips, and health education resources
  • Monthly Promise to Graduate Meetings – were held at the Club for 10 high school seniors providing support to each other to graduate on time.
  • Parent Curriculum Night – 8 YLC members provided 35 parents an instructional overview of the Teen Health Project Curriculum.
  • The Teen Health Project HIV/Teen Pregnancy Prevention workshops – over 500 teen’s to-date in Thomas and Grady Counties have successfully completed six hours of HIV/Aids and Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Education training.

Other Monthly Advocacy Activities Conducted:

  • Child Hood Cancer Awareness “Walking For A Cure”
  • National Suicide Prevention Week
  • Child Health Day
  • Stop Bullying
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • National Parent Involvement
  • World AIDS Day
  • Teen Dating & Domestic Violence
  • Teen Pregnancy & Prevention Month

This project created opportunities for our Rotary Club to educate the community on important issues affecting teens while supporting the development of leadership among the YLC.


Students Of The Month

Our Club recognizes academic and technology students of the month, their parents and advisors. Each student is asked to identify his guests at the meeting, typically parents and advisors or sponsors, describe their major activities in high school and their plans for the future. Having an opportunity to speak before a group teaches them about preparation and gives them confidence about such opportunities to speak in the future. The students are awarded certificates for their selection and have a picture made to be published in the Thomasville Times Enterprise. Recognition of these students rewards them for their hard work and encourages others to emulate them leading to more productive citizens. This activity supports our Brand as encouraging scholarship and citizenship in our student population. This is a continuing activity each year.

Update: Student of the Month – This starts in October after the schools have been in session for a few months. On alternating 2-week intervals, the Rotary Club of Thomasville will present academic Student of the Month and Technical Student of the Month. Rotarian members of the Student of the Month Committee alternate in making these presentations.


Trivia Bee

In connection with Thomas County Certified Literacy Committee Rotarian Nancy Tillinghast from our Club sponsors a community wide team trivia Bee Competition and we provided two teams of three Rotarians to participate in the trivia bee. Each team that enters pays a $300 entrance fee. The proceeds from the event are used to purchase dictionaries and other books to be given to elementary students in the community. The Club swept the competition with the Rotary GTD -- Greatest Trivia Dominators consisting of Rotarians Don Sims, Gene McNease and Rotary spouse Theresa Brown, winning the competition with the Rotary Nerds, Ron Salter, Lauren Basford and Jeff Zoller placing second out of nine teams.


Vashti Dinner on the Bricks


Decor took a nod from the Rotary theme "Making a Difference". We incorporated jewel tone colors to mimic the theme logo. The bright tablecloth was set off by a royal blue organza overlay. Wooden lodge dishes were set off by a bright orange origami napkins and bright blue cups (glassware was not allowed at event). Anchoring the table was a gold Manzanita tree centerpiece with fresh greenery (courtesy, Singletary's Flowers). Multicolor ribbons were hung from the tree with little cards listing achievements by Rotarians worldwide and locally.


Because this event transitioned from afternoon to evening hours, we created a second themed overlay. Our guests each received a glow wand and card reading "Use You Powers to Make a Difference" as well as a slap-wristband with a Rotary accomplishment written on it. This was a fun, simple conversation starter they could use while mingling to talk about Rotary (and more importantly, what we actually do). Glow sticks were also inserted into the greenery to bring the table to life after dark.


We did the catering on a budget. Caterers were charging about $250/table. We assembled a meal for about $150 using JB Crumbs chicken tetrazzini casseroles, a caesar salad, fresh flaky croissants and antipasto skewers. Dessert was a mango key lime pie and chocolate ganache cake. A toast was made with chocolate toasting cups.


Guests reflected Rotary's recent growth as well as its forward-thinking approach to recruitment. Two Rotarians were invited with their spouses, as well as four guests who are young, well known and active community members (i.e. people who will spread the word with a young professional crowd). One of the guests has already requested to join Rotary because of the event.


Annual Coats and Blankets Drive

Members collect Coats and Blankets for The Thomasville and Thomas County Food Bank which provides warm garments and sleeping blankets to area residents needing assistance.

This year 1700 coats were collected.

Each item is valued at $10.00

This project has been sustained for several years in the past and will continue to be sustained.

In 2016 we collected a little over 400 Coats.


Back to School Blitz

Our Club participated in the "Back to School Blitz" for 2000 students sponsored by Thomas County Family Connections. Over 27 participants handed out free school supplies and shared information concerning resources available, school activities and health support. Free eye exams, hearing tests and health screening were conducted. This activity provided school supplies to students who otherwise may not have been able to obtain them. The health screenings were very valuable to be sure that there were no physical obstacles to learning. Over 47% of Thomas County families are considered to be at the poverty level and need the support. This project reinforces our Rotary brand of supporting education and provides community interaction. This is a project that is supported each year. Rotarians participated in the planning of the event, packaging and handing out the supplies, as well as security. We contributed $500 to purchase supplies.


CampSTEMtastic Project

CampSTEMtastic at Thomas University serves three distinct purposes: promotion STEM fields to low-income students, offering teachers-in-training real world experience working with studens on STEM lessons, and acting as a long term research project to collect data on the outcomes of early and frequent exposure to STEM fields of study.


Food Drive

The Thomasville and Thomas County Food Bank provides supplemental food stuffs to a large number of local residents. We conduct an annual effort among members and associates to gather canned goods and other non-perishable food items for this Food Bank. This year nearly 400 pounds of food goods were collected.

2015-2016 was another great year with a little over 400 pounds of food collected.


Hands on Thomas County

The annual day of service and celebration and volunteerism benefits more than 40 Different project sites and brings together more than 1,200 community volunteers of all ages, resulting in more than 4500 hours of Service. The Rotary Club of Thomasville has provided landscape services at The Vashti Center, a residential and outpatient service for troubled adolescents in Southwest Georgia, a ministry of the United Methodist Church. On a Saturday, October 21, 2017, 13 Rotarians, 1 Rotarian Spouse, 2 Rotarian kids and 8 Vashti volunteers joined together to refresh the landscaping on the commons areas at Vashti. This multi acre site was raked of debris, shrubs were trimmed, fifty bales of pinestraw were spread, and a refreshed look was created.


Laws Of Life Essay Contest

In this program high School students write an essay on a character value and how it applies to the student's life. Our Club participated in this program with Thomas County Central High School involving over 1,000 students, Thomasville High School and Bishop Hall Charter School. This program encourages students to think about values that are keystones to becoming good productive citizens. Winners will read their essays at a club meeting and be publicized in the Thomasville Times Enterprise newspaper. Rotarians plan to participate in the evaluations of the essays.


Laws of Life Essay - Sponsor with donation of $750.00. Upgraded to Gold Sponsor additional $450.00 for a total of $1200.00


One Book Project

Every year the Community under the leadership of Rotarian Nancy Tillinghast, the Thomas County Library Director, and Rotarian Andre Maria selects a book to be read by the community members in conjunction with various activities including author appearances and other activities. This year our Club donated $1,000 as a Silver sponsor to the One Book project which will involve a title to be announced. This project encourages the youth of the city to read as they and their parents get involved.

One Book - Co-Sponsor – Commitment in involvement to encourage reading. Books given to elementary school students. Donation of $1,000.00.


Rose Show Setup

The Thomasville Rose Show in April annually is recognized as a regional highlight for horticulturalists and rose enthusiasts particularly. We provide members and tools to set up the tables and table coverings as the show’s venue is built.

Another great time in 2017. Easy 5 hours of Coffee and stapling. I always enjoy the people and feeling of accomplishment



The Rotary Club of Thomasville sponsored two students to RYLA last summer and plans on sponsoring four rising juniors for The Youth Leadership Academy this year after which they will be invited to give a report at a club meeting. Last year's students, Keldron Riddick, from Scholars Academy, and Stuart Allen, from Brookwood, reported that they improved their leadership skills learned in team activities and developed new friendships from among the 100 other Georgia attendees. They will be prime candidates to become Rotarians in the future. This activity reinforced our Club brand as supporting education and is a project we support each year. This year we are only authorized two slots, but we have requested that we have two additional slots if they become available.


Salvation Army Christmas kettle Bell ringing

The Thomasville and Thomas County Salvation Army is a critical provider to the community members in need of spiritual, housing, clothing and other support. The RCT has a long history providing members to serve as bell ringers at the Thomasville Walmart to gather Contributions from store patrons. RCT members take responsibility for an entire week during the pre-holiday fund raising period.


YMCA Swimming Scholarships

This program funds taught sixty disadvantaged youth from Harper Elementary School eight hours of swimming lessons at the YMCA as requested by the president of the Harper Parent Teacher Association. This project serves two purposes. First it validates the importance of parents participating in the Parent Teacher Organization, a long term school goal which our Club has been supporting, but second it teaches important life saving skills to youngsters who would otherwise not be able to swim. This project enhances our Club's brand as doing all we can to support the youth of our community. The President of the Thomasville YMCA is Rotarian Tom Everett.


YMCA Youth Sports team Sponsor

The Rotary Club of Thomasville has been and will continue to support local community youth sports as a means of developing physical, mental and spiritual sides of our youth. This year our club sponsored a YMCA football team and Director Will Felts coaches a YMCA soccer team.


YMCA Football Team Sponsorship – Donation of $375.00

YMCA Fast Pitch Softball Sponsorship - Donation $375.00

YMCA T-Ball Sponsorship- Donation $175.00


Youth Leadership Thomasville

Our Club supports Youth Leadership Thomasville. This program for high school juniors is adapted from the J. W. Fanning Institute for Leadership and Community Development of the University of Georgia. It focusses on developing leadership skills, team building and community awareness. This year's facilitators featured Rotarians Mary Beth Donalson and Lauren Basford as well as financial support from our Club. This activity further supports our Rotary brand of educational enrichment to develop future leaders in our schools and community.


HIV/AIDS/ Drug Abuse Awareness

The Morehouse School of Medicine partnered with several schools, community-based and faith-based organizations to implement the Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Initiative. This 5 year federally funded initiative of $1.2 million per year will serve approximately 3,450 middle and high school aged youth over a five-year period in eight counties: Dekalb, Douglas, Dougherty, Grady, Jasper, Putnum and Thomas. All counties have teen birth rates above the national rate of 26.5 for every 1,000 adolescent females, ages 15-19. Under the leadership of Rotarian Andre Marria, Key Consultant, and Fidelity Manager, who was responsible for the program in Thomas and Grady Counties. Our club will be a partner in the program for Thomas County. An MOU is being drafted that will define our role and financial contribution.

The MSM-TPPI program extends beyond preventing sexual risk behavior. The goals of the program are to:

• Reduce teenage pregnancy and births

• Reduce sexually transmitted infections among adolescents

• Implement selected evidence-based curricula with fidelity

• Increase student bonding to school and academic performance

• Increase Community Awareness of Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Positive Youth Development Programs

Additional programs will address STD and HIV.

Currently Rotarian Andre 'Marria, and Lisa Billups continue to provide Teachback training to Program Facilitators.

Update: 2nd yr of 5 year program. To date, 580 youth have been educated on making responsible choices and practiced setting personal boundaries. 75 parents attended informational sessions. 160 community partners, including Rotary and Family Connection attended sessions to promote community awareness about challenges faced by today's youth supporting our Rotary Brand.


Rotary Circle of Life

The Rotary Circle of Life program, in partnership with the Archbold Foundation and emergency responders will provide health/medical information in the homes of senior citizens for emergency medical responders when called to the senior citizens' residence. This two step program involves a simple decal notification (Step 1) on the front door or window telling the responder that a plastic tube/vial (Step 2) containing important health information is located in the refrigerator on the top shelf. This plastic tube/vial will be identified with the same decal used on the front door or window.

Attached is the brochure created to engage local community members in the program.

Education of local city and county emergency medical technicians and rescue personnel has already been conducted. The project has been enthusiastically embraced. Distribution of materials will be handled by several different local organizations including EMS, both branches of the YMCA, black community churches, Thomasville First United Methodist church, and many more.

This will be a continuing project and It is estimated that the club will have $1000 of expense every six months to maintain the project over the years. The project enhances the Rotary brand by demonstrating our concern for community health.

Our vision is for the Rotary Circle of Life to expand in the next years in cooperation with our sister Rotary Clubs in Moultrie, Pelham, Bainbridge, and Cairo to the Southwest Georgia served by Archbold Medical System.


Safe Drive

An annual project for over 15 years our club has produced the SafeDrive Map to alert citizens, especially newcomers and student drivers, about the most dangerous roads and intersections in the Thomasville/Thomas County region. One indicator of the map's success is the fact that 4000 copies are distributed free of charge with help from all six Interact Clubs associated with our Club, all area auto insurance companies, the Georgia State Patrol Drivers' and Examination office and others. The map credits the Rotary Club of Thomasville as sole sponsor, branding Rotary as a leader in driver safety for the community.

In 2015, the club developed a digital version of the map, making it particularly attractive and relevant to teens. We hypothesized that a digital map would lessen demand for the paper maps and therefore reduce printing costs but soon discovered that older adults and parents of teens still prefer the hardcopy maps. The digital SafeDrive Map uses Google Maps™ to provide a self-directed virtual “tour” of the 14 flagged locations. Users view one flagged map location at a time and, when they click on that location, they are taken to a page that shows the location on an actual map segment along with written information that describes the danger. The map is accessible online via any smartphone at Safe Drive Map by QR code, or on Facebook.

The 6th Edition of the SafeDrive Map, based on most recent 3-year data from the Georgia DOT and local police department, debuted January 2017.


Rotarians at Work

Support The Troops

The Rotary Cub of Thomasville supports the 1230th Transportation Company, Georgia National Guard. This company has deployed to the combat zone in Iraq and Afghanistan twice in the last 10 years. The Club honored some two hundred and eighty five of these soldiers and their families by supporting the Family Day Holiday party from 11 to 3, Sunday, December 3th, at the Exchange Club this year. On this day the soldiers and their families celebrated each other, were provided gifts and a traditional Turkey dinner with all the trimmings. The hall was decorated with holiday themes, holiday music and a Bounce House and slide were provided. Santa Claus made an appearance with gifts for the children and, in cooperation with the Thomasville Music and Drama Troupe, a soloist sang Christmas and Seasonal songs. In addition, supported by Thomas University two Noncommissioned Officers were honored with Peacemaker Awards and recognized for their service to the community. Thirteen Rotarians and two other volunteers prepared the food for the officers and non-commissioned officers to serve. Thirty Rotarians provided homemade desserts for the party. The event was covered in the Thomasville Times Enterprise. This project reinforced our brand of supporting First Responders and soldiers as this year's overarching theme and is an annual event.


Photo - Police Dept

Recognizing Those Who Serve: "Local Heroes"

The Rotary Club of Thomasville last year developed a program to honor each of the local service brances of our community: Law Enforcement (Thomasville Police and Thomas County Sheriff), both City and County Fire Departments, Emergency Medical Technicians, and the Utility Department.

We have had three cook outs during the workday for each of the branches listed above, with two more scheduled. Each event has been wonderful for not only the people we were serving but each Rotarian that volunteered. Our club has had over thirty members at some cookouts. Many local business donated food and drinks to each event: Its been a pleasure and a privilege to thank these brave men and woman. This project emphasizes the Rotary Brand by honoring those who "Serve Humanity".

As a result of the close relationship between our club and the Thomasville Police Department, we were asked to involve a small committee in the selection of the Thomasville Police Officer of the Year. Descriptions of the actions of each of ten officers of the month were provided by Captain Rich to the committee without names attached. The Officer of the Year along with six other available officers came to our club meeting recently to be honored and receive a special plaque award.


Tax Aide

Tax Aide is a Rotary award winning program in partnership with AARP, Thomas University, Hands on Thomas County and the Thomasville Library. Rotary and these organizations had initially come together to provide free tax service to the citizens of Thomas County for a second year. However, the reputation of the program has brought in clients from the neighboring Grady and Colquitt counties and distant Lowndes county. The service is provided every Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:30am - 4:00pm. The service started February 1st and will conclude after 11 weeks on April 18th. Through the first week in March over 110 low and moderate income households from Southwest Georgia will have been provided free Federal and Georgia tax preparation service. The results of this service are over $300,000 in refunds and credits for our most impoverished citizens. Subscribing to the theory that every dollar in a community turns over 3 times, then the impact on the community is the local circulation of $900,000. With the number of citizens served and the amount of their refunds, there is definitely joy in "Mudville". It is estimated that Rotary will have provided over 250 hours of service, with the other volunteers providing an equal amount, at the program's conclusion. This project enhances the Rotary brand of "Serving Humanity" and is a continuing project growing in importance to the community each year.

This year, we had 100 hours logged by the Thomas University team who helped prepare the returns with 4 students and one professor.


Character Counts

This is a program funded by a District Grant and contributions from our Club in which Rotarians discuss six Character Pillars with before and after student evaluations for fifty students at The Vashti Center, Marguerite Neel Williams Boys and Girls Club, the Thomasville Community Resource Center and the Thomasville City Schools' Scott Elementary School. Vashti offers a residential program for students who are not able to live with their families and the Boys and Girls Club and the Resource Center are after school programs which helps young people become productive citizens. The Character Counts Program from the Josephson Institute involves the staff discussing with the students each of the character traits of Fairness, Caring, Citizenship, Trustworthiness, Respectfulness, and Responsibility for one month. Two Rotarians then meet with the students to discuss how the trait of the month has impacted their personal and professional lives. The students are then involved in a discussion about how this trait could apply in their lives and the difference it could make. The assessment of the program at Vashti was that “The Character Counts Curriculum has proven to increase the morale and values of the youth in the program.” We have branded our Club as giving priority to educational projects and this program reinforces this branding in the community. We expect this innovative program to have a similar impact this year and plan to continue it in the future.

See attachment titled Character Counts for further information.


Be The Voice That Stops Bullying

Bullying is widespread in schools across America.

Bullying is a documented problem in both Thomasville City School and Thomas County School systems.

Be the Voice that Stops Bullying – We have purchased and received 2 kits from the Roswell Club. We have distributed to two local middle schools (Thomas County Middle School and McIntyre Park Middle School) in October. Once they have completed the project, we will invite them to the Rotary Club to share the results.

We bought 2 kits and distributed them to the Thomas County Middle School & the McIntyre Park Middle School. Both principals have been contacted since distribution. Since distribution we have received the following feedback from these schools:

"McIntyre Park Middle School will view the last video for the Anti-Bullying Campaign. We are discovering that some students have become more vigilant in reporting to staff members and/or parents if they feel they are being bullied - Mrs. Tina McBride, Principal

We have given the pre survey to 7th and 8th grade. Approximately 850 students are participating. We will begin the video sessions this week. The videos are introduced by TCMS students and shown to the 7th and 9th grade. The series is approximately 12 weeks. We hope to have some post data when given the survey again - Mr. Jamie Thompson, Principal

This program supports our Rotary Brand by demonstrating our support for education and for the young people in our community. This will be an annual program.

See additional file titled Be The Voice.


Photo - RHHS

Rotary Has Heart for Seniors

Rotary sponsored the 3rd Annual Thomasville Scott Senior Center Valentine's Party for 85 seniors Feb 14, 2018. The community was included by having white trees with heart ornaments displayed in three locations (Thomasville National Bank on Broad Street, Thomasville National Bank on Remington Avenue, and Southern Pines Senior Living). Each ornament had the name of a senior and their desire for a Valentine gift. The community was encouraged to purchase a $10 gift or donate $10. The party began at 11:00a with dancing. Watching seniors move, smile, and cheer was the best part. One gentleman present had a feeding tube and rarely ventured from his walker. Yet, the music called him to the dance floor to show us his moves. Again, Rotary was able to offer a catered lunch by Henderson's, and Southern Pines donated a variety of desserts. Awards were given for Lady Valentine/Guy Valentine, best lady/guy dancer, and best lady/guy smile. ALL seniors were then given a Valentine gift provided by the community. Photos were taken by Rotarian Ben Wilds who captured some great candid moments. The event almost paid for itself with sponsorship money and donations. Seven Rotarians were directly involved and many more contributed gifts/donations for our seniors. Three members of a sponsorship came to volunteer at the party. This project impacts Rotary branding by making the broader community aware that Rotary is involved in the community benefitting seniors. CNS was present to capture some footage..


Rotary Youth Tennis Tournament

The Rotary Junior Tennis Tournament is our oldest, continuous Community Service project, going back to 1978-79! Last year marked the 36th Year of offering boys and girls ages 6-18 a USTA sanctioned tournament. Competitors from four states including South Carolina, Florida, Alabama and Georgia have gained State Southern and National rankings while staying close to home. In past years numerous Rotarians helped man concessions and assisted with tournament administrative duties. Today only 2-4 Rotarians are needed for the two day tournament. Over the years the tournament has been self sustaining and actually has made money for scholarships in most years. Gene McNease and Tom Harrison are very proud of having provided leadership in keeping this valuable service project viable and well administrated for all these years. Our Club has hosted as many as 200 players in one tournament but normally it runs 50-75 players today. The Tournament this year will be 30 April and 1 May on the new Glen Arven hydroclay tennis courts. This is a continuing project that demonstrates to families from the southeast the commitment Rotary has to Youth.

This tournament allows local competitive and recreational players an opportunity to compete against other regional players in a sanctioned event without having to travel outside of our region. In addition, this tournament raises awareness of Rotary and has developed a reputation of being a fun and well run event. Many players return to this tournament year after year and express their gratitude to Rotary for host the event.


Playground Maps of USA in Thomas County Elementary Schools

ELementary school children in our country need to have knowledge of the geography of the USA, particularly knowledge of the fifty states. The Rotary Club of Thomasville has consulted with the Thomasville City School system to gain permission to paint fifty foot wide maps of the USA with each state painted in different colors on their elementary school paved playgrounds. The result will be a year around teaching tool for children to improve and maintain their geography knowledge. The five Rotarians with participation from fifteen Interact Club students and their faculty advisor completed painting a 20’ x 40’ map of the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) under the covered playground (pavilion) at Harper Elementary School. The map will be used to provide geographical education to elementary students at the school.

This project provides tremendous educational benefit to the community, with minimal economic impact to the Club. The labor participation was split equally between Rotarians and non-Rotarians, including great participation from the Bishop Hall, Brookwood, Scholars Academy & C.H.A.R.T Interact Clubs. It truly is a wonderful community project, that inspires participation by Rotarians and others in the community. The project reinforces the Rotary brand of support for education and will serve for many years to educate students about the geography of our country


Advanced Education Scholarships

The Rotary Club of Thomasville awards five $1,000 scholarships for advanced education to deserving students from Thomasville High School, The Scholars Academy, Thomasville Central High School, Bishop Hall Charter School and Brookwood High School. This money provides financial support to students who face ever increasing costs of post secondary education. Rotarians are involved in fundraising by conducting a weekly drawing and a football competition. Rotarians serve on the school selection committees and award the scholarships at graduation ceremonies. The media coverage of this project supports the branding of our club as having a primary focus on education and provides significant community awareness.


Family of Rotary

The Club has a large and diverse membership which is strengthened in cohesion when social events are added to the calendar occasionally.

We have expanded our lineup of such events this year to appeal to more members and create a relaxed environment to get to know more about our club members.

Most of the events have been low cost or participant-funded. Other events were planned but cancelled due to calendar additions the same week of the event. Adding the bowling and pool tournament this year has created talk of past interests of Rotarians and even increased our awareness of those who are competitive. We hope to repeat these events next year and increase attendance.

Wine or Whine: Every 1st Tuesday of the month gather at Relish for wine and cheese 5:30 - 7:30. Attendance varies.

July: Bowling with kids free and door prizes - 22 members

September: GRSP Student Reception - 20 members (6 brought food)

October: Meet & Greet Raymond Ray at Scott Rich's - 47 members and 40 guests

December: Provide desserts for National Guard Family Christmas meal 23 members, benefit 250 people

January: Pool Hall Tournament (we rent the pool hall) --award given to winner 14 members 8 guests

March: Grand Evening - last year 114 guests The Grand Evening is the highlight event of the year. Rotarians, spouses, friends, spouses of deceased Rotarians, the DG and others gather to celebrate annual accomplishments and each other.



SOUNS is a program developed by Montessori and championed by Brenda Erickson to help children read earlier and better. Our Rotary Club provides SOUNS kits of letters that are used to associate sounds with letters so that children can associate letters with words that they can pronounce. Rotarians are also involved in the evaluation phase of the program to determine the progress of the students. Our Club supports SOUNS in the Thomas County Head Start program to approximately 159 children taught by 18 teachers. Each child participates in a 15 minute SOUNS exercise each day. Interviews with the teachers indicates that it is an effective tool to improve reading skills. This program will be conducted each year branding Rotary as an organization that cares for the next generation to have a chance at a quality education and it all begins with strong reading skills.

SOUNS – We continue to support this program at the local Headstart school including buying and updating alphabet sets as well as testing help needed during the school year. The Principle is very pleased with the program which helps students learn to read through pronouncing letters and alphabet.



Our Synopsis:

Rotary Club of Thomasville's Public Image enhances the Rotary brand by telling Rotary’s story to the public and promote the club’s projects and activities with a strong emphasis on all three (3) themes: our local club: “Recognizing Those Who Serve”, District 6900: “Dare To Be Better”, Rotary International: “Rotary Serving Humanity.”

Our Branding action plan this year has includeD:

-a continuation of outward-facing social media presence through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

-adapting to an entirely new website through District 6900

-utilizing RI Branding Center’s resources to build brand awareness through social media, photos, videos, electronic and paper correspondence, marketing materials, membership forms, published articles, word of mouth, and our website

-developing a detailed projects and activities calendar through our club website in order to create a public image plan which has increased member attendance and community-wide recognition

-reflection of a more personable approach in our local publicity by emphasizing our club’s theme “Recognizing Those Who Serve”, spotlighting our members, and highlighting local community service and youth projects

-district-wide publicity which emphasizes our projects and activities corresponding with one to all three (3) themes: our local club: “Recognizing Those Who Serve”, District 6900: “Dare To Be Better”, Rotary International: “Rotary Serving Humanity”

-promoting District 6900 and RI training workshops and events in our weekly meetings to encourage a true understanding of Rotary; in turn, creating more brand ambassadors and a growing attendance of our club’s members at Rotary happenings

Attachments: publicity materials published to date



Our Stellar Rotarian, John Brown, has given real impetus to the Interact program in our Club.

The Club Supports six existing Interact Clubs. The Interact clubs are Brookwood Upper School, Scholars Academy, Thomas County Central High School, CHART Home School, Thomasville City Schools Rose City Strings Orchestra and Bishop Hall Charter School. These clubs now comprise 205 students and 6 faculty advisors. They accomplished a record number of community and International Club projects. The students have had 193 volunteers to date that have worked on thirteen projects which have had a very positive impact on our community for 1795 volunteer hours and have raised $240 for an African Missionaries project with Global Outreach international. The report on the individual club's projects and activities is attached below. In addition to the student volunteers listed below, three Rotarians served as mentors for Interact Club students.

On October 24, 2017, World Polio Day, the Thomasville Rotary Club held a cookout for our Interact Students. Videos explaining Polio, a Guest Speaker and a gave of trivia at the end kept the Interact Students interested in learning more about the Rotary Clubs of the world and it's fight to end Polio. These students were also invited to help with the painting of the map of the United States this upcoming weekend at Harper School.


Wine or Whine

The Club hosts a Wine or Whine event the first Tuesday of each month at a local venue, often owned by a Rotarian. It is a good time for members and spouses to gather for beverages of their choice and snacks after a hard day's work. Typically a Director will update the group on a project or other matter of interest and then great fellowship and conversation ensues. Those Rotarians who participate earn a Make up.

Typical attendance ranges from 20 to 35 members and guests.