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Dr. Brian Ring

EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE B.S. Biological Sciences, Florida State University Ph.D. Molecular Genetics, Florida State University Post-Doctoral Fellow, Functional Genomics, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Certified Forensic Biologist Technician, DNA & Serology, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Adjunct Professor, Florida A&M University Post-Doctoral Associate, Maize Cytogenetics, Florida State University Research in my lab involves molecular genetic techniques toward understanding how the vertebrate gonad develops. Primary sex determination in most vertebrates results in the development of a single gonad, ovary or testis, from a bipotential primordium, whose developmental fate is controlled by genetic or environmental mechanisms or a combination of both. For example, sex type is determined by sex chromosomes (genetics) in mammals (i.e. XY male in humans) or temperature in alligators (environmental). Regardless of mechanism, the predominant result is the formation of dimorphic individuals, either male or female, which have a testis or ovary, respectively.

Posted by Teri White
July 30, 2018 2:00pm


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