Might you be willing to host a GRSP student for a year of incredible experiences with us?

Please let Kim Walden know! Anyone who has ever done it has said it was Wonderful!

In 1946, Will Watt gave the Thomasville Rotary Club the distinction of having founded the Georgia Rotary Student Program. GRSP sponsors students from around the world for academic studies at Georgia colleges and universities. The Thomasville Rotary Club has participated in GRSP every year since its inception.


Many years ago in a land far from here,

A Rotarian, Will Watt, had an idea.

After World War II there was an international need, From his thoughts the Rotary program did seed.

The idea was simple, to bring to this state

Some international students to integrate. America would benefit and so would they, By all the culture transferred each way.

Since its beginning, the program has grown.

This year 65 students came here alone. During their year they study, travel and play, Each of them in their own different way.

The concept is wonderful, of that there's no doubt.

International understanding is what we're about, Which brings me back to my original verse: The Rotary principle that Service comes first.

Maybe this poem's a little bit sappy,

But now that it's finished I feel quite happy. Not having written many poems before,

I think these six verses settle the score.

On behalf of the students who came here this fall, Georgia Rotarians: We salute you all!

But let me finish by saying just this: What's the deal with these tasteless grits?!

Gordon S. Anderson Bellingham,


Class of 1990-91

Posted by Kim Walden
December 13, 2018