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March 3, 2020


March is Water and Sanitation Month

3/5 Census Information / Club Assembly
3/12 Jessica Little - Sweetgrass Dairy
3/19 Shamin Kahn - Global Grant
3/26 Christopher Jones - Secure Record Solutoins

Our Rotary Family

3/4 Will Watt , III
3/9 Frederick Buechner
3/16 Scott Rich
3/16 Bonnie Hayes
3/21 Powell Jones
3/24 Adrian Burns
3/24 Julie Cannady
3/27 David Lewis
3/27 Perry Mustian
3/31 Trent Reynolds
3/31 Will Brown, III


3/5 Mark Lowe (15)
3/6 Ronnie Godwin (16)
3/24 Mary Beth Donalson (19)
3/24 Will Watt , III (30)
3/25 Heather Lindquist (25)
3/28 Tom Harrison, Jr. (22)
3/30 Charles Dixon (24)


3/1 Joe Brown (15)
3/1 Elijah Miranda (3)
3/1 Troy Rich (2)
3/6 Ellis Jackson (12)
3/7 Bryant Beadles (7)
3/7 John Archer, Sr. (2)
19 years in Rotary
3/8 Hinson Arwood (2)
3/19 Angela Williamson (5)
3/20 William Felts (6)
3/21 Susan O'Neal (12)
3/22 Irene Gleason (8)
3/24 Janet Liles (4)
3/27 Rankin Smith, Jr. (6)
20 years in Rotary
3/28 Danny Braddy (18)
3/31 Gregory Adams (4)
48 years in Rotary
3/31 Robert Jackson (4)
45 years in Rotary

Rotary Online



Thursdays, 12:00 pm
The Plaza Restaurant
217 South Broad Street
Thomasville, GA 31792


President Kim Walden
President-Elect John Brown
Immediate PP Andre Marria
Vice President Terry Rouse
Treasurer Teri White
Treasurer Rick Piper
Secretary Angela Williamson
Membership Adam Carvin
Foundation John Glenn, Jr.
Sergeant-at-Arms Danny Braddy
Program Director Jay Flowers
Bulletin Editor Susan Backofen
Sergeant-at-Arms Mary Beth Donalson
Public Image Mike Bixler

Wine or Whine is at Hands and Hearts for Horses on Tuesday, March 3 at 5:30 p.m.

It’s Wine or Whine night! Put on your boots and come join us for some food, beverages and a bonfire at Hands and Hearts for Horses.


Volunteers Needed for our Largest Event Honoring Our Local Heroes - March 4th at 10:30

Please join us when we provide lunch for our local heroes on Wednesday, March 4th. This year we combined the Police and Fire cookouts into one event. So we will be cooking for the Thomas County Sherriff's Department, the Thomasville Police Station, the EMS Department and the Fire Department. It will be a big event and we need volunteers to have a successful lunch!

It will be a large group so please join us for lunch and some Service Above Self volunteerism! Our Hometown Hero's really enjoy this event so if you haven't come before - now is the time! Plus the lunch will be awesome!

Volunteers needed between 10:30 and 1:30. We need all shifts (setup, service and cleanup). Please come to the EMA station in front of the YMCA. Turn in by TNB and go to the back of the building. Address is 1202 Remington Avenue, Thomasville, GA 31792

This Week's Program - Hear about the Census then we will have a Club Assembly

We will hear about the Census from Copper Comidg this week. Then we will have a Club Assembly! Please join us in conversation!

Rotary's Four Way Test Peace Pavilion Located at Cherokee Park

Our District Grant this year was to help promote peace in our community. What better way than to spread the Rotary 4 Way Test? We have recited the 4 Way Test at the end of our meetings and handed out the 4 Way Test Coins and Cards to share with others. Now, thanks to some pretty amazing volunteers, the Rotary 4 Way Test Peace Pavilion was put together this past Friday at Cherokee Park! The Pavilion sits on the police side of the park and is in the most beautiful spot! Previously, if you were walking or needed a break there was no shelter on that side of the lake should a quick rain come along.

Thanks to the City of Thomasville for pouring the concrete pad and to many others for making the Pavilion a reality. Thanks to Jay Flowers and Wayne Newsome for helping coordinate the project with the City. Thank you Jay for transporting the very LARGE kit from where it had kindly been stored at Hurst Boiler thanks to Teri White. Special thanks to Harry Tomlinson for finding us the professional crew of Paul Murray, Willie J. Ivey, Jr. and John A. Bevard who helped us to complete the project. Very special thanks to our awesome Rotary volunteers Jay Flowers, Andy Vann, Scott Rich, Ben Wilds and Walter Gilbert for helping organize all the many parts into such a beautiful structure! We are still waiting for the 4 Way Test sign to finally arrive, but otherwise it's all done!!!

FIRESIDE CHAT at Harry's Pond House Tuesday, March 10th - Save the Date!

Harry's pond house is so beautiful you won't want to leave!

Come enjoy great food and fellowship while hearing about our club from the Leadership Group.

Special thanks to Harry for sharing this beautiful place with us!!