Updating Projects


To Update the Thomasville Rotary Projects on the Thomasville Rotary Website: Step 1:Log into the Thomasville Rotary Website at www.thomasvillerotary.org Step 2:Hover over the Rotary Wheel and it will show you the projects we have. Move your mouse down to projects and select

Step 3:Click on the pencil on the right side of the screen and it will automatically take you to where you can update it.Make sure to save your work at the end or you’ve done this for nothing!

Then click the Update button.Joe has graciously already loaded the current projects that need to be updated and you simply enter the information and load video/pictures.

To Update the Rotary International website:

Step 1:While in the Thomasville Rotary Website, click the Rotary International Tab.

Step 2:Once here, hover over members.

Step 3:Click on Rotary Club Central:

Step 4:This will bring you to a login screen if you’re not already logged into Rotary International.Use your email address and the number on your “the Rotarian” magazine as your password. (If you have trouble logging in, simply reset your password)

Step 5:You can click “Goal Center” and that will show you the goals our club has for the year:

To update projects, click Service Activities:

You may then select the project that needs to be updated on the right side of the screen:

Once updated, click save.