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August 31, 2022


August is Membership and New Club Development Month

9/1 Regular Meeting - Thomasville Fire Department Capt. Mann
9/8 Regular Meeting - Salvation Army/Robyn Hickey
9/15 Regular Meeting - President Richard Carvajal - Valdosta State University President
9/22 Regular Meeting

Our Rotary Family

8/6 Janet Liles
8/7 Rich Massa, Jr.
8/9 Cameron Jahnke
8/9 André Marria
8/13 Andy Vann
8/13 Harry Tomlinson
8/13 Joe Tarver
8/15 Scott Smith
8/15 Holly Phillips
8/16 Michael Jones
8/17 Donald Sims
8/23 Rankin Smith, Jr.
8/29 Mike Stephenson


8/3 Lee Wagner (37)
8/7 Niki Gatlin (12)
8/10 William Dickey (54)
8/13 Coy Irvin (45)
8/19 Gary Tucker (62)
8/19 Carlton Bryant (47)
8/26 Copper Comita (33)
8/26 John Comita, Jr. (33)
8/28 Albert Park (51)
8/29 André Marria (49)
8/29 Walter Marria, Jr. (49)


8/1 Fran Milberg (26)
28 years in Rotary
8/1 Wilson Carraway, Jr. (39)
72 years in Rotary
8/1 Walter Gilbert (31)
8/2 Carlton Bryant (4)
8/2 Adrian Burns (4)
8/2 Pat Choice (4)
8/2 Walter Marria, Jr. (4)
8/8 Scott Sterling (14)
8/10 Debbie Quinton (10)
8/13 Mark Lowe (13)
8/13 Cameron Jahnke (7)
8/16 Niki Gatlin (4)
8/23 Philip Leabo, Jr. (4)
8/24 David Hufstetler (5)
8/25 Andy Sheppard (6)
8/27 David Flowers (13)
8/27 Jamie Lawrence (2)
5 years in Rotary

Rotary Online



Thursdays, 12:15 pm
The Plaza Restaurant
217 South Broad Street
Thomasville, GA 31792


President Danny Braddy
President-Elect Mary Beth Donalson
Treasurer Warren Ballard
Secretary Angela Williamson
Membership William Dickey
Foundation Marta Turner
Public Image Adrian Burns

Aloha Day with Scott Senior Center

What a great day spending time with the members of the Scott Senior Center in partnership with Rotary Has Heart for Seniors. Talk about a good time full of fun, laughter, and excitement is an understatement. If you missed it you missed out on some senior fun, we had good drinks, food, and games to say the least. We Rotarians know how to have to party and it’s even better when it’s an Aloha party. 

Golf Tournament A Great Success!

Thank you Rotarians for your support and showing up for a great golf tournament. We are so appreciative for all that you do to make our community better. We would like to congratulate our winning team: Gene Jarvis, Richard Watt, John Wright, and President Danny Brady. Job well done gentlemen and great job to all the teams that participated and competed.  

This week program!

We are excited to have Captain Mike Mann share his journey with us as a fire fighter. He was born in Jacksonville, Fl and has been a member of TFR Family Member since 2008. Some interesting facts about him is that, his favorite food is BBQ and his favorite move is Tombstone and Forest Gump. When asked the question, “Why do you love the Fire Service,” his response is: I love the fire service because it's a career where you get to do and learn many things, as well as meet community people you would probably never meet in a different field of work. Welcome Captain Mike Mann to the Rotary Club of Thomasville!

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