HIV/Drug Abuse Awareness/Teen Pregnancy

The project design incorporates a model of using youth leadership to establish a peer based program of personal responsibility leading to positive outcomes with respect to HIV/Aids and Drug Awareness. This project will impact 12 teens who will serve on the Youth Leadership Council as planners and conveners of the Summit. Another 175-200 teens attending the Summit will be impacted through educational and informative sessions.

We anticipate further benefit/impact as a result of teen participation in the Summit:

  • Increased youth knowledge of sexual health, healthy relationships, HIV, sexually transmitted infections, and resources available in the community
  • Abstinence education
  • Increased youth access to and use of condoms
  • Connecting youth at risk for HIV to testing, medical services, and social services
  • Incorporating and distributing already developed, evaluated, and packaged public health materials
  • Supporting healthy youth development

The Rotary Club of Thomasville has made a powerful impact in our community last fiscal year. It has encouraged local sororities, grassroots organizations to become involved, We have seen an increased the involvement of parents, other civic, social, and religious organizations involvement in the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative. This current Fiscal Year Year the Youth Leadership Council was recognized as "Cheers for Volunteers, 2018 Youth Organization of the Year by Hands on Thomas County. Last year over 1,500 youth received educational instructions though funds provided by last year's district grant.

update: The Youth Leadership Council held its Youth Summit,sponsored by the Rotary Club of Thomasville November 10, 2018. Theme: Activate Your Legacy. 220 Teen were in attendance, three Rotarians led discussion groups.