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March 31, 2020


March is Water and Sanitation Month

4/2 Irene Gleason will present Cameron Clark
4/9 Tom Faircloth - History of the Rose Festival
4/16 Regular Meeting - GRSP Student Maria Luisa Carbonell Wrap Up & GRSP Recognition
4/23 Sandi Shaw - Pines and Palms

Our Rotary Family

3/4 Will Watt , III
3/9 Frederick Buechner
3/16 Scott Rich
3/16 Bonnie Hayes
3/21 Powell Jones
3/24 Adrian Burns
3/24 Julie Cannady
3/27 David Lewis
3/27 Perry Mustian
3/31 Trent Reynolds
3/31 Will Brown, III


3/5 Mark Lowe (15)
3/6 Ronnie Godwin (16)
3/24 Mary Beth Donalson (19)
3/24 Will Watt , III (30)
3/25 Heather Lindquist (25)
3/28 Tom Harrison, Jr. (22)
3/30 Charles Dixon (24)


3/1 Troy Rich (2)
3/1 Elijah Miranda (3)
3/1 Joe Brown (15)
3/6 Ellis Jackson (12)
3/7 Bryant Beadles (7)
3/7 John Archer, Sr. (2)
19 years in Rotary
3/8 Hinson Arwood (2)
3/19 Gail Roberts (0)
3/19 John Comita, Jr. (0)
3/19 Copper Comita (0)
3/19 Angela Williamson (5)
3/20 William Felts (6)
3/21 Susan O'Neal (12)
3/22 Irene Gleason (8)
3/24 Janet Liles (4)
3/27 Rankin Smith, Jr. (6)
20 years in Rotary
3/28 Danny Braddy (18)
3/31 Robert Jackson (4)
45 years in Rotary
3/31 Gregory Adams (4)
48 years in Rotary

Rotary Online



Thursdays, 12:00 pm
Online currently (The Plaza Restaurant typically)
217 South Broad Street
Thomasville, GA 31792


President Kim Walden
President-Elect John Brown
Immediate PP Andre Marria
Vice President Terry Rouse
Treasurer Teri White
Treasurer Rick Piper
Secretary Angela Williamson
Secretary Trent Reynolds
Membership Adam Carvin
Foundation John Glenn, Jr.
Sergeant-at-Arms Danny Braddy
Program Director Jay Flowers
Bulletin Editor Susan Backofen
Sergeant-at-Arms Mary Beth Donalson
Public Image Mike Bixler

Our Program This Week, Irene Gleason Introduces Cameron Clark

Cameron Clark will speak to us about reducing chronic childhood malnutrition in Guatemala. We will discuss the steps that are being taken by ABPD and Rotary to mitigate this problem in rural Mayan communities.

Please be on the lookout for the Zoom Invite in your email. If you need to update your contact information or address just email thomasville@rotary6900.org with the updated information. You can also email us if you need your username to log in to the thomasvillerotary.org website to check your profile.

Our Program Last Week by Powell Jones

Thank you Powell for your great program last week. An email was sent out on Friday with all the details of his presenation. Powell also wanted to share with us some beautiful flower pictures that he had taken to brighten the day for the ladies in his family. Enjoy!

How can YOU help during the Covid-19 outbreak?

Our regularly scheduled Blood Drive on April 16th has been cancelled in light of the current circumstances.

However, we encourage each Rotarian to continue to give blood if able at our local One Blood Center (14815 WHY 19 #800, which is between Seminole Wind and Firehouse Subs) anytime between April 10 - 23 in order to stay on schedule for the next blood drive on June 18th. If you donate AFTER April 23, you will not be eligible to donate again on June 18. You must wait a minimum of 56 days between whole blood donations.

Bob Drummond, our Blood Drive Champion, will be going to the One Blood donation center after our meeting on April 16th (whether it be a physical meeting or online). You can call ahead to schedule a donation time or do it online. Walk-ins will not be taken at this time. https://www.oneblood.org/donate-now/corona.stml

After you donate, please let Bob Drummond know so that we can apply a make-up for you.

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Our Program Next Week

Tom Faircloth will present the History of the Rose Festival.

Thanks for your feedback

This year's Membership Satisfaction Survey received 48% participation. WOW! That's the most we've had in the past five years. Thank you so much for your feedback.

Didn't get a chance to share your thoughts and want to? There is still time!

Please follow the link below. It only takes a few minutes.


If you do in fact complete the survey, please let Angela know so that we can ask the District to download your information. Otherwise, we will not have your feedback to review.

Rotary Club of Thomasville, YOU ROCK! Thank you for sharing your heart. John Brown's team is committed to hearing your ideas and thoughts.