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June 15, 2021


June is Rotary Fellowships Month

6/17 Regular Meeting
6/24 President John Brown Swan Song & Induction of Wayne Newsome
5/5 Randy and Andy Show

Our Rotary Family

6/2 Bill Dickey
6/3 Susan O'Neal
6/5 Sharon Patrick
6/13 Danny Braddy
6/16 Charles Dixon
6/20 Warren Ballard
6/22 Russell Chubb
6/24 Jim Carter
6/24 Jeff Zoller
6/24 Gail Roberts
6/25 Bradford Jackson
6/27 Kurt Stringfellow


6/4 John Glenn (60)
6/7 Irene Gleason (24)
6/7 Powell Jones (35)
6/7 Jamie Lawrence (7)
6/10 Michele Arwood (32)
6/14 Thomas Carlton (8)
6/14 Gerry Gilmer (7)
6/20 Philip Leabo, Jr. (15)
6/23 Homer Pankey (59)
6/24 Randy Watts (21)
6/24 Walter Gilbert (55)
6/28 Scott Rich (52)


6/1 Harry Tomlinson (40)
6/1 George Stephens, Jr. (51)
6/27 Rob Milberg (19)
6/27 Bob Ackerman (7)
44 years in Rotary
6/30 Mike Bixler (7)
26 years in Rotary

Rotary Online



Thursdays, 12:15 pm
The Plaza Restaurant
217 South Broad Street
Thomasville, GA 31792


President John Brown
President-Elect Wayne Newsome
President Nominee Danny Braddy
Immediate PP Kim Walden
Treasurer Teri White
Secretary Angela Williamson
Foundation Fran Milberg
Membership Janet Liles
Public Image Mike Bixler
Public Image Mike Bixler

What You Missed Last Week!

Is there a Jellyfish hamburger in your future? What about a Jellyfish salad? Will the world be overtaken by jellyfish? These are serious questions according to Dr. Kevin Mis Solval. Dr. Solval was our program for the meeting last week. He is a researcher with the University of Georgia Department of Food Science and Technology. His research shows that there may be Jellyfish on your menu somewhere in the future. The demand for edible Jellyfish is extremely low worldwide. The most prominent countries involved in edible jellyfish production are Burma, China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand. There is production in the U. S., so don’t be surprised to drive into Burger King one day and hear, “Would you like to try our new jellyfish burger?”

Julie Carter gave her classification talk last week. Thanks, Julie, for sharing and allowing us to know you better. Let us all continue to build relationships and carry out the Rotary club mission.

News from the Board

Following are highlights from the June 10th meeting of your club’s Board of Directors.

This final meeting of the Rotary year was a joint meeting of the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 Boards. President John presided over the first portion of the meeting and then ‘passed the baton’ to President-Elect Wayne, who handed out a new organization chart and calendar of events.

  • As part of the Red Ribbon program requirements, three of our newer club members – John and Copper Comita and Daren Ellis – attended the meeting as guests. Bill Dickey, who heads up the Red Ribbon program reported that 9 members have 100% completed the program requirements and another 8 members will have completed the program before June 30.
  • The Board discussed several new member prospects, one of who is a returning member that we are eager to welcome back to the club. More about these new members in the weeks ahead.
  • The special GRSP Conclave and 75th Anniversary weekend takes place August 19, 20, and 21. Even organizers will be coordinating host-housing for the 25 to 30 students who are expected to come here for the event. During this celebration weekend, the Will Watt fountain at the new Marriott Courtyard Hotel will be dedicated.

This Week's Program

Fran Milberg and Marta Turner will provide our club with an update on the Rotary Foundation.

Member Spotlight

Most of the kids I grew up with couldn’t wait to get out of Thomasville. To me there was no other place I could imagine being. When I returned back to my hometown 8 years ago I knew this was the place I wanted to grow my family and start my practice. Thomasville is a growing, thriving community that has embraced my family. Since coming home, my wife Jenn and I have welcomed our two sons, Jackson (4) and Brooks (2), into the family. We have settled down with our English Springer Spaniel Charlie on East Clay St right beside fellow Rotarian, Bill Dickey. Though my wife is from Detroit, Thomasville is where we choose to grow our roots.

Family will always be what defines me but my practice will always be an indelible part of me. After completing my Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of North Florida and my Orthopedic PT Residency at LSU’s Health Sciences Center in Shreveport, I returned to Thomasville to open my practice, Big Oak Physical Therapy. My goal was to provide a level of service previously unavailable in our region. What occurred was, with the help of an unrivaled team, we were able to grow into the largest Outpatient Private Practice in Thomasville. We also are the only clinic to offer all services including Ortho, Sports, Neuro, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Pelvic Floor Therapy, and Oncology Rehab. Being a fiercely independent medical practice, I can’t express how blessed I am for the opportunities our practice has been given or how proud I am for being a part of the healthcare system our community is lucky to have.

In addition to Rotary, I try to positively impact my community through coaching little league sports, being an active member of Heritage Church in Moultrie, and through providing Pro-Bono services at Big Oak PT. I am an overzealous FSU fan, enjoy the outdoors, and am climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with some good luck this September.