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October 12, 2021


October is Economic and Community Development Month

10/14 Dr Chip Bragg - more stories from the Archbold Archives
10/21 GRSP Awards, 2021-22 Student Karoline Petersen
10/28 Community Leaders Forum - Michael Bixler
11/4 Danny Copeland

Our Rotary Family

10/1 Pat Choice
10/2 Howard Stephens
10/3 Dicky Demott
10/3 Philip Leabo, Jr.
10/5 Morgan Bailey
10/5 John Comita, Jr.
10/11 Nic Rahming
10/12 David Flowers
10/13 Scott Sterling
10/23 Walter Marria, Jr. Marria, Jr.
10/24 Wilson Carraway, Jr.
10/25 Wallace Goodman


10/2 Warren Ballard (11)
10/3 Nate Tyler, Sr. (6)
10/10 Frances Parker (29)
10/10 Terry Rouse (29)
10/15 Susan O'Neal (27)
10/15 Nick Murray (16)
10/16 Carol Jones (57)
10/22 Dawna Bicknell Tanner (5)
10/24 Vann Middleton (23)


10/2 Terry Rouse (13)
10/3 Julie Carter (2)
10/4 Kurt Stringfellow (3)
7 years in Rotary
10/13 Teri White (10)
10/16 Tim Filston (7)
10/16 Francis Lilly (7)
10 years in Rotary
10/20 Coy Irvin (5)
9 years in Rotary
10/27 Michele Arwood (10)
10/27 Jim Carter (10)

Rotary Online



Thursdays, 12:15 pm
The Plaza Restaurant
217 South Broad Street
Thomasville, GA 31792


President Wayne Newsome
President-Elect Danny Braddy
Immediate PP John Brown
Vice President Jeff Zoller
Treasurer Teri White
Secretary Angela Williamson
Membership Janet Liles
Foundation Fran Milberg
Public Image Adrian Burns

This Week's Program

Dr. C. L. “Chip” Bragg is a practicing anesthesiologist in Thomasville, Georgia. His lifelong passion for American history has resulted in the publication of three books:Distinction in Every Service: Brigadier General Marcellus A. Stovall, C.S.A. (White Mane, 2001), the critically acclaimed Never for Want of Powder: The Confederate Powder Works in Augusta, Georgia (University of South Carolina Press, 2007) of which he is coauthor, and Crescent Moon Over Carolina: William Moultrie and American Liberty (University of South Carolina Press, 2013). Chip’s next book, Martyr of the American Revolution: The Execution of Isaac Hayne, South Carolinian, is scheduled for a late-2016 release by the University of South Carolina Press, and he has contributed a chapter to a forthcoming compilation of essays about loyalists.

Save The Date...
October 28th & November 11th Project Impact

Fellow Thomasville Rotarians

As part of our 100th anniversary celebration, our Rotary Club’s leadership discussed the idea of some kind of ‘big-impact’ project that would benefit our community for years to come. We were tasked with helping to identify some alternative big-impact project ideas. To that end, on June 19th we conducted a brainstorming session with a number of community leaders, and in that session, we learned a great deal on issues ranging from ‘health and wellness’ to ‘food and nutrition’ to ‘housing’ to ‘safety.’

One of our enduring impressions from that June brainstorming session has been the wish that our fellow Rotary Club members could have attended that session to hear and learn about important quality-of-life issues within our community. After sharing our thoughts about this with other club leaders, we came up with a plan that we believe accomplishes the goal of generating awareness of some of the more pressing community problems and unmet needs. In turn, the heightened awareness could translate to Rotary Club members finding new avenues for ‘service above self.’

The plan is to dedicate two of our regular Thursday Noon Rotary meeting programs to conducting moderated panel discussions which focus single-mindedly on one of the topics covered in the June brainstorming session. The first of these panel discussions will focus on the food-related issues that were initially explored on June 19 and is scheduled to take place on October 28 at the Plaza Restaurant. We will serve as moderators or facilitators. (See below the list of food-related issues that will be explored.)

Panelists will include Marvin Dawson (Legal Department - Flowers Foods), Ashley Griffin (Director of Marketing at Archbold and Director of "Live Better" , Dr. Rachel Anderson (Archbold Primary Care), Scott Chastain (Entrepreneur, Owner of Everfan and Tisk Task), Angela Kiminas (Executive Director of Hands-On Thomas County), and Jeana Smith (Director of School Nutrition- Thomasville CIty Schools).

FOOD-RELATED ISSUES TO BE DISCUSSED OCTOBER 28 Obesity, diabetes and hypertension Food insecurity Fresh food access

Rotary's motto is Service Above Self. As members it is important that we recognize the blessings we enjoy in our Thomasville lives. It is also important that we hear this panel discussion to learn about the daily life challenges many endure in our community.

Please plan to hear this program on October 28th, and the Housing-Related program on November 11th.

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We need Volunteers October 23rd

Join HOTC, and your friends and neighbors for the 18th Annual HOTC Day. Participate in volunteer projects and activities all over Thomas County!

What A Celebration...100 Years of Service