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August 2, 2022


August is Membership and New Club Development Month

8/4 Regular Meeting - Bob Dyksterhouse raised garden beds
8/11 Regular Meeting - High School Football Preview
8/18 Regular Meeting
8/25 Regular Meeting - Eldrick Jacobs Flint & Port Hat Company

Our Rotary Family

8/6 Janet Liles
8/7 Rich Massa, Jr.
8/9 Cameron Jahnke
8/9 André Marria
8/13 Andy Vann
8/13 Harry Tomlinson
8/13 Joe Tarver
8/15 Scott Smith
8/15 Holly Phillips
8/16 Michael Jones
8/17 Donald Sims
8/23 Rankin Smith, Jr.
8/29 Mike Stephenson


8/3 Lee Wagner (37)
8/7 Niki Gatlin (12)
8/10 William Dickey (54)
8/13 Coy Irvin (45)
8/19 Gary Tucker (62)
8/19 Carlton Bryant (47)
8/20 Russell Chubb (62)
8/26 Copper Comita (33)
8/26 John Comita, Jr. (33)
8/28 Albert Park (51)
8/29 André Marria (49)
8/29 Walter Marria, Jr. (49)
8/30 Scott Sterling (42)


8/1 Fran Milberg (26)
28 years in Rotary
8/1 Wilson Carraway, Jr. (39)
72 years in Rotary
8/1 Walter Gilbert (31)
8/2 Carlton Bryant (4)
8/2 Adrian Burns (4)
8/2 Pat Choice (4)
8/2 Walter Marria, Jr. (4)
8/8 Scott Sterling (14)
8/10 Debbie Quinton (10)
8/13 Mark Lowe (13)
8/13 Cameron Jahnke (7)
8/16 Niki Gatlin (4)
8/23 Philip Leabo, Jr. (4)
8/24 David Hufstetler (5)
8/25 Andy Sheppard (6)
8/27 David Flowers (13)
8/27 Jamie Lawrence (2)
5 years in Rotary

Rotary Online



Thursdays, 12:15 pm
The Plaza Restaurant
217 South Broad Street
Thomasville, GA 31792


President Danny Braddy
President-Elect Mary Beth Donalson
Treasurer Warren Ballard
Secretary Angela Williamson
Membership William Dickey
Foundation Marta Turner
Public Image Adrian Burns

Bob Dyksterhouse
This Week Program!

Bob serves on Keep Thomas County Beautiful Board member. He has done several projects here in Thomas County with one being at the Resource center. He is a man enjoys helping others and love educating and creating happinesses. He believes that it does not take much to make a impact in the community he believes, "Whatever it is, whether it's something little. A day like today reminds you that it is important and it doesn't take much, but it does collectively have a big impact," said Bob Dyksterhouse from a community project that he was apart of. 

What you missed Last Week!

We had a great program learning all about the Track & Field Program at Thomas University and their new coach. They are looking really good this year and it is some really exciting times. We highlighted some of our members doing last week program and thanked them for their service and all the do for our club and community. "Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and MOST of all, love of what you are doing." Pele This is what our club embodies and the city of Thomasville is the best place to serve and make a difference. Jay Flowers donated 60 laptop computers through the Rotary Club and 30 were giving to Vashti and the Boys & Girls Club. Thank you for always looking out for our community and the youth who are our future of today! We also had a satellite club meeting at Hands & Hearts for Horses, be on the look out for more information and how this is a way to grow our club to increase membership. This club meets the second & fourth Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm. Also, let's welcome our GRSP student who is arriving today, Julie Larsen who is coming to us from Denmark. 

Whine and Wine Tonight