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September 7, 2022


September is Basic Education and Literacy Month

9/8 Regular Meeting - Salvation Army/Robyn Hickey
9/15 Regular Meeting - President Richard Carvajal - Valdosta State University President
9/22 Regular Meeting
9/29 NO Regular Meeting - JOIN us for Service Project Cookout

Our Rotary Family

9/1 Mary Beth Donalson
9/2 Rick Piper
9/3 Dawna Bicknell Tanner
9/6 William Felts
9/7 Vann Middleton
9/8 Jimmy Hone
9/9 Ed Titus, Jr.
9/11 Warren Stafford
9/11 Debbie Goodman
9/16 Dominic Ford
9/17 Chandler Giddes
9/20 Jonathan Cleveland
9/24 Joe Brown
9/24 John Blackmon
9/29 John Bennett
9/30 Tom Everett


9/1 Richard Christenson (15)
9/4 Teri White (23)
9/15 John Brown (63)
9/18 Elijah Miranda (18)
9/22 Jay Flowers (32)


9/1 Gary Tucker (40)
9/1 Debbie Goodman (28)
9/4 Randy Watts (8)
9/9 John Letteney (1)
15 years in Rotary
9/11 Mike Stephenson (14)
9/15 Tom Everett (16)
9/16 Holly Phillips (1)
9/19 Bonnie Hayes (3)
9/23 Andy Jones (12)
9/23 Michael Jones (1)
9/25 Wayne Newsome (8)
27 years in Rotary
9/30 Nick Murray (5)
15 years in Rotary

Rotary Online



Thursdays, 12:15 pm
The Plaza Restaurant
217 South Broad Street
Thomasville, GA 31792


President Danny Braddy
President-Elect Mary Beth Donalson
Treasurer Warren Ballard
Secretary Angela Williamson
Membership William Dickey
Foundation Marta Turner
Public Image Adrian Burns

It starts with you!

Knowledge is Powerful
Literacy Month…

Robyn Hickey
This Week Program!

On October 19, 1890, The Salvation Army began its work in Georgia – by proclaiming the Gospel on Atlanta’s city streets. Its “grand opening” was a small but significant affair, beginning with the open-air evangelistic service on the street corner and proceeding to a meeting in their newly rented assembly room.

The Salvation Army in Atlanta grew slowly, and by the end of January 1891, the Army had enlisted 30 soldiers. On April 12, 1891, the second official Corps opened in Georgia – in Augusta.

By 1895, the mission was again gaining ground. Columbus opened in 1895, Rome in 1897, Macon in 1899 and Brunswick and Savannah in 1900. Other cities followed. In the years to come, many Corps would flourish. Atlanta’s central location and economic strength made it a perfect place for Territorial Headquarters.

Robyn Hickey is an ordained minister at the Salvation Army Church she is passionate about helping people. She is a servant leader that is compassionate and understand her purpose and serves out that here locally by leading people to the light. She is well trained and has great experience in sharing hope with those she comes in contact with. 

Please attend.

This week and next week events!