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December 6, 2022


December is Disease Prevention and Treatment Month

12/8 Regular Meeting (Board Meeting at 10:45am) - Christmas Program
12/15 Regular Meeting - Second Harvest Food Bank

Our Rotary Family

12/2 Lindsay Clay
12/6 Andy Sheppard
12/10 Andy Jones
12/11 Eric Ward
12/13 Bob Drummond
12/14 Walter Gilbert
12/16 John Bracey, Jr.
12/16 Michael Bixler
12/21 Nick Mottola
12/23 Eugene McNease
12/24 Carlton Bryant
12/29 Susie Shin
12/29 Meka McCaskill
12/31 Rob Milberg


12/11 Rankin Smith, Jr. (31)
12/14 Robert Vice (126)
12/19 George Stephens, Jr. (70)
12/21 Fran Milberg (53)
12/22 Shelba Sellers (31)
12/27 Frederick Buechner (47)
12/29 Joe Brown (64)
12/30 Tim Filston (27)


12/1 Scott Rich (45)
12/1 Rebecca Strickland (19)
12/1 Tom Shaw (0)
12/1 Brigit Smallridge (0)
12/2 John Brown (12)
12/3 Thomas Carlton (7)
12/10 Richard Christenson (2)
12/13 John Blackmon (4)
7 years in Rotary
12/13 Susie Shin (4)
12/13 Barbara Williams-Anderson (4)
12/21 John Bennett (1)
3 years in Rotary

Rotary Online



Thursdays, 12:15 pm
The Plaza Restaurant
217 South Broad Street
Thomasville, GA 31792



President Danny Braddy
President-Elect Mary Beth Donalson
Treasurer Warren Ballard
Secretary Angela Williamson
Membership William Dickey
Foundation Marta Turner
Public Image Adrian Burns

Wish the Plaza Staff a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Each year at Christmas, we collect a gift to give to our hard working servers at The Plaza.  Please come prepared to Thursday's meeting.  CART buckets will be on the table to collect your monetary donations.

Thomas County Central Golf Team WINS

The golf team of Thomas County Central High School was awarded the prized trophy to display for yet another year after winning the competition between Thomasville High School, Brookwood School and Thomas County Central HIgh School at the previous United Way Golf Tournament sponsored by the Rotary Club of Thomasville.  Rick Piper presented the trophy as it was purchased in honor of his late grandfather W.C. Niebaum, his name proudly displayed on the trophy.  Rick stated that he was the greatest man who ever lived. He stepped in and helped raise him as a child.  In 1962, Rick and his grandfather attended the U.S. Open and watched Jack Nicklaus beat Arnold Palmer.  Rick still plays golf today thanks to his grandfather's desire to introduce him to golf.  Each year, Rick has agreed to pay for the entry fee to the tournament for each of the public schools.  Thank you, Rick for your dedication to keep our youth involved in our service fundraiser for the United Way.  Congratulations TCCHS!

Two MEMBERS inducted

Help us welcome Brigit Smalllridge and Tom Shaw to our club.

Brigit is the owner of the State Farm Agency in Thomasville and in Tallahassee

Tom is an attorney with Alexander & Vann.

Wine or Whine Fun YESTERDAY

What a great time at The Residence at Oak Grove Wine or Whine!  Thank you Lindsay for hosting.


Join us Tuesday, January 3rd for the next Wine or Whine.

Rose City Satellite Club meets Wednesday, Dec 14th

Join us at El Jalisco at 5:30pm.  BRING A FRIEND.

Per the bylaws, new chairs will be nominated and voted upon.

Rotary Has Heart for Seniors District Grant

President Danny Braddy has a heart for seniors.  He was granted a district grant this year to help our local seniors feel loved, appreciated, and cared for.  This began with a pen pal program with our Scott Senior Center attendees.  Each quarter, they are sent a letter from the Rotary Club of Thomasville.  They are also sent a birthday card on their birthday.  But the Rotary Club wanted to do more.  On Wednesday Nov 30th we gave them Thankful Bags with an encouraging note to express our appreciation for their willingness to connect with us.  We also included a self-addressed stamped envelope to encourage them to write to us.  In their bags were toiletry items, socks, and fruit.  We watched about 50 individuals smile as they peeked in their bags to find the goodies.  Rotary Has Heart for SENIORS!


The Big Impact Project Continues

After a careful and thorough review of how the Rotary Club of Thomasville could be the most impactful in our community, the Big Impact Project was born.

Thomasville Rotarians and Second Harvest of South Georgia host a free produce market monthly at Weston Park where neighbors in need can pick up fresh fruits and vegetables as well as shelf stable proteins.  More than 250 households representing over 700 individuals were served at November's market.  Supported by a Foundation grant, club funds, a donation from the local Boys & Girls Club, and donations from local growers and Second Harvest, the Rotary Club of Thomasville meets to pack and sort prior to each produce market.  Members, their spouses, children, friends, and Second Harvest staff set up and host the market each month. The market is part of the club's Big Impact Project, aimed at improving quality of life and the health of all in the community over time.  Other phases of the project include an annual community resources fair and the launch of community gardens.



Our next packing day is Thursday, December 15th at Second Harvest 11:30am - 1:00pm.

Our next Fresh Produce Market Giveaway is Saturday, December 17th at Weston Park 9:00am - 1:00pm.

Sign up TODAY!


Next Week Service Project to Pack Produce at