Character Counts

Our club members participated in Character Counts teaching character to the youth in our community. Our Rotarians use their vocational skills to share their viewpoints on the topics of Kindness, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship, Trustworthiness and Respectfulness to the children of the Boys and Girls Club, Community Resource Center, Vashti and Scott Elementary School. Pictures weren't taken as they are all of children at each session.

These organizations serve: The Boys and Girls Club serves those who most especially need us most to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens.

The Community Resource Center was funded by citizens concerned with the disparity of health-related preventable services, educational enrichment opportunities and economic challenges that faced the underserved and minority populations in our community.

Scott Elementary - This group can most benefit by the awesome Character Counts talks and we have even received thanks you and additional requests for this program due to the results of the programs given by our Rotarians.

Vashti works with children and youth who have come from family trauma and upheaval and provides treatment and support for mental health services.

There is a genuine excitement and buzz after the talks that we believe will help students to make character building choices in their lives. We've been doing this program annually and continue because we are asked and we know it is making positive changes in the lives that hear our talks. No one talks about these simplistic, but very important topics anymore...but we do!