Literacy Day/Month

Thomasville Rotarians goal was to find and fill all the "little libraries" in the community with new books, to paint and refurbish the Little Free Libraries and to register and add them all to the Little Free Library World Map. We know the community loves and heavily uses these LFL's and we wanted to 'claim' them and make sure they were looked after by our club.

Because of our caretaking of the Little Free Libraries we were contacted by a community member, Julie Williams, who wanted to find out more about the Libraries in hopes of adding another one in town in memory of her late sister Nellie Amanda Hasty. We worked through the logistics of that and are proud to say a new LFL will be added to our community and we will register it and get it on the LFL World Map. This recognition was done in honor of DG Jim and his literacy projects.

We also will continue to secure additional books which will be given the YMCA and Boys and Girls club after school participants. A child having a book of their very own is a thrill and we were able to thrill over 1400 children, ages 5-15 at the YMCA and Boys and Girls Club. The children were able to select a title that was of interest to them. The smiles were rewarding along with them clutching the books to their chests, we want to think they were clutching them to their hearts!