SafeDrive is an initiative to save lives in our community by raising awareness of local driving hazards... particularly among newcomers to our city and student drivers. The key component to the SafeDrive initiative is the SafeDrive Map, offered in both hardcopy and digital form. The SafeDrive Map shows the locations of the most dangerous roads and intersections in the Thomasville/Thomas County region and provides safe-driving tips for each location. The SafeDrive Map is updated about every 3 years, and the latest (6th) Edition debuted in January 2017.

The digital SafeDrive Map, developed to be optimally attractive and relevant to teens, uses Google Maps™ to provide a self-directed virtual “tour” of the 14 flagged, hazardous locations. Users view one flagged map location at a time and, when they click on that location, they are taken to a page that shows the location on an actual Google map segment along with written information that describes the danger. The map is accessible online via any smartphone at Safe Drive Map, by QR Code, or on Facebook.

The SafeDrive Map is distributed by Rotarians free of charge throughout the community… including all area schools, all area auto insurance companies, the Georgia State Patrol Drivers' and Examination office, and others. Using PowerPoint, Rotarians have presented SafeDrive to school students at each of the area's three high schools.

The Rotary Club of Thomasville is the sole sponsor of SafeDrive, branding Rotary as a leader in driver safety for the community.