Rotary Has Heart for Seniors

Rotary Has Heart for Seniors has evolved into a yearlong project. The one-time touch of the Valentine Party has now evolved into a quarterly pen pal program and birthday card mailing which has opened up communication and provided a more personal touch. For the third quarter, The Rotary Club of Thomasville had the pleasure of sponsoring the August Birthday Party at the Scott Senior Center. Pat Howard Director of the Scott Senior Center and staff chose a luau theme. Decorations, leis, hair flowers and hats, birthday cake, and drinks were provided by the Rotary Club of Thomasville. Rotarians joined in on the games of bowling, basketball, Ping-Pong toss, and limbo. Specialty drinks were created behind the tiki bar by experienced Rotarians and later served by Rotarians along with birthday cake. Thirteen Rotarians enjoyed the luau with about forty seniors. The meal was provided by the Salvation Army food kitchen. The Thomasville YMCA has partnered with the Thomas County to reopen the Scott Senior Cener after its closure during the pandemic. Rotary is imaging a community of service and a connection with our area seniors. Seniors were excited to meet their pen pal or birthday card sender in person.

Partner Involvement
Thomasville YMCA - staffing Scott Senior Center Thomas County - providing facility for seniors