RLI coming to town!

Rotary Leadership Institute is Jan 18th at SRTC.

Dec 20th is the deadline to register.

Rotarians should register and once they have attended the course, our club will reimburse the registration fee.

What is Rotary Leadership Institute?

It is generally agreed throughout the Rotary world that the success or failure of a Rotary Club depends on the quality of leadership. It has been said that poor club leadership is the primary cause of membership losses. Because of the annual turnover of club officers, Rotary needs a constant influx of knowledgeable Rotarians who have the leadership skills necessary to move a club forward. Leadership skills in a voluntary organization are often different from business leadership skills. RLI provides an opportunity for quality Rotary education that is usually not otherwise available.

The Institute believes in course sessions with as much discussion/participation as possible. Discussion breakout sessions are limited to approximately 15 persons. Lectures are strictly limited. Course methods include discussion groups, role-playing, problem solving workshops and creating projects. Everyone participates during one of the lnstitute's sessions. Course materials including session outlines, the dally program, faculty listings and resource materials are provided to all participants.

Faculty members are carefully selected for their teaching abilities. Many are present and past R.I. directors, district governors, presidents and those with experience in special areas. Each new faculty member must attend a full day training program and various periodic reorientation programs. The results of course evaluations help to improve the course content and instruction.

Any Rotarian may attend RU courses who have the potential and interest for future club leadership, not necessarily as club presidents, to attend. The ideal candidate has a strong interest, and is prepared to be exposed to the larger world of Rotary outside of the club.

Posted by Susan Backofen
November 26, 2019