This Week's Program - Don't forget we will be filming our membership video during this meeting!

Jackla Lawson will share with us about the important work The Treehouse does in our community to assist children.

The Treehouse opened our doors in 2011 to serve an unfulfilled niche in our community: highly specialized crisis and follow up care for alleged child abuse and sexual assault victims.

When they began the journey to help address and heal the suffering of abuse survivors in Thomas County, they knew our work was desperately needed. What they did not know was how quickly that need would bolster into a position of full-time, year round, on-call 24/7 forensic service.

Today, the center reflects the ever-growing needs of our community. They are a bustling “all in one” forensic center delivering excellence in care to each and every alleged victim served. They work in partnership with Law Enforcement, Child Protection, and the Judicial System as needed to serve each and every case of alleged sexual assault, physical and/or sexual abuse in children and adults. The Treehouse staff is comprised of some of the most compassionate, skilled forensic professionals in our region, and the team works passionately to reduce trauma, offer forensic interviewing and medical care, and help navigate the process of healing.

Posted by Susan Backofen
February 25, 2020


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