Listen to an Update on Rotary from our Rotary international Zone Directors Meeting

DG Jim shared this video to us of his Zone meeting. See his note below.

Good afternoon Presidents, Presidents-Elect and District Leadership. I feel communication is vitally important during this time of uncertainty, and therefore you will be receiving more communication from the District than we had normally planned. Rotary International Zone 33/34 Directors David and Stephanie are now having a short weekly Zoom meeting with the DGs, DGEs and DGNs on Fridays, and I will send you the link each week to the video recording of the meeting. It is the 1st of weekly zoom calls with Rotary International Treasurer David Stovall, Rotary International Director Stephanie Urchick, and Rotary International Director Elect Peter Kyle. These weekly meetings will be held through the International event currently being experienced. The intent is to broaden knowledge of current events in Rotary and the zones represented by the directors above, along with providing content and information which Rotarians can share and use in their clubs and districts to keep Rotarians and their clubs engaged.

Posted by Kim Walden
March 21, 2020