What You Missed Last Week!

Annie Jones owner of The Bookshelf in downtown Thomasville was our program. The Bookshelf is not just a place to purchase a book and be on your way. At The Bookshelf, there is something for all ages. There is even an area dedicated to young and up and coming readers.

Annie is involved in other activities that benefit the community, and she reminded us that September is National Literacy Day. The Bookshelf participates in the community’s One Book Project, an event that takes place each September. Annie explained the Project and how citizens can become involved even if they are not avid readers.

We had 76 in attendance last week, and we want to remember the date 7 October 2021. The is the scheduled date for the club’s 100 th Anniversary Celebration at The Biscuit. And let’s not forget 29 September 2021 we will be honoring local heroes. Remember our theme, “Serve To Change Lives.”

Posted by Walter Marria, Jr.
September 14, 2021


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