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July 13, 2021


July is New Rotary Year Month

7/15 Regular Meeting - Georgia Beer Company
7/29 Regular Meeting - Camp Crosspoint

Our Rotary Family

7/8 George Stephens, Jr.
7/19 Coy Irvin
7/20 Jamie Lawrence
7/21 Dale Hodges
7/28 Bryant Beadles
7/28 Stuart Jackson
7/28 Richard Christenson


7/12 Paul Hancock (46)
7/12 Debbie Quinton (35)
7/23 Rick Piper (17)


7/1 Rick Piper (0)
6 years in Rotary
7/1 Jonathan Cleveland (0)
5 years in Rotary
7/1 Jay Flowers (11)
7/1 Scooter Grubbs, III (34)
7/1 Donald Sims (32)
7/1 Warren Stafford (41)
7/1 Jeff Zoller (12)
7/1 Mary Beth Donalson (7)
7/1 Sharon Patrick (17)
7/1 Lauren Vann (5)
7/2 Bill Dickey (6)
7/4 Erik von Hellens (9)
7/4 Nic Rahming (2)
7/6 Kim Walden (4)
10 years in Rotary
7/6 Ronnie Godwin (4)
26 years in Rotary
7/12 Eric Ward (9)
7/14 Frederick Buechner (5)
30 years in Rotary
7/16 Brett Jenkins (1)
7/17 W. Clay Campbell (9)
25 years in Rotary
7/18 André Marria (16)
7/22 David Lewis (11)
7/30 Charles Hill (2)
48 years in Rotary

Rotary Online



Thursdays, 12:15 pm
The Plaza Restaurant
217 South Broad Street
Thomasville, GA 31792 FacebookInstagram


President Wayne Newsome
President-Elect Danny Braddy
Immediate PP John Brown
Vice President Jeff Zoller
Treasurer Teri White
Secretary Angela Williamson
Membership Janet Liles
Foundation Fran Milberg
Public Image Adrian Burns

Golf Tournament
We Need Teams and Sponsors

What You Missed Last Week!
Fifth Day Farm

Last week the Rotary Club of Thomasville continued its winning ways for the new year. We had two former members return, Rick Piper and Jonathan Cleveland. And as Fran said, “It is always a great day when we induct a new member into the club.” Chandler Giddes is our newest member and was inducted into the club last week. Remember, “Each One Bring One.”

Fifth Day Farm was the program last week. Fifth Day is owned by Janet and Steve Hendley. It is a petting animal farm located in Valdosta, but it offers so much to the Valdosta and surrounding community. Is Goat Yoga your activity of choice? Fifth Day Farm offers that service. Do you want an exciting field trip for young people? Fifth Day Farm is a novel idea. And if you just want to get out after being cooped up for the last year, Fifth Day Farm is waiting for you.

What started out as a hobby quickly grew and is now the go to place for a break from the ordinary. Janet and Steve started with just a few chickens. But today, Fifth Day Farm rests on four acres of what can only be described as “joy and happiness.” At Fifth Day, you will find any animal raised commercially in the state of Georgia. If you want a new experience for your next outing, try Fifth Day Farm.

Services for John Glen was held Friday morning at All Saints Episcopal Church. Several Rotarians were able to attend in support of the family. Please continue to keep the family in your prayers and thoughts. This is another way we can “Serve To Change Lives.”

This Week's Program

Georgia Beer Co. is the southernmost brewery in the state. We brew most of our beers true to traditional style, but with as many Georgia grown ingredients as we can get our hands on. Our founders, Chris Jones, Director of Business Development and Jack "J. Ryce" Martin, Director of Brewery Operations, met while attending college at Valdosta State University. After graduating, they both started careers and families, and their friendship grew stronger. But in 2014, the duo hatched a plan to become Valdosta, Georgia's first brewery, and began brewing beer in J. Ryce's garage. "You could say it was the beer that introduced us in college, and now it' the beer that keeps us together," said co-founder Jack "J. Ryce" Martin. Mike Delf, Head Brewer brings over 20 years of brewing experience to the table.

Georgia Beer Company is located just 2 miles off of Interstate 75; a quick and easy drive east on Highway 84. Bring on the edge of Downtown Valdosta, many restaurants and amazing local shopping spots are just a few blocks away. Best of all, the brewery is surrounded on three sides by unrestricted, public use parking.

Being a production brewery (basically a beer factory) means that we do not make or serve food. However, we know that beer and food is a match made in heaven, so you are welcome to bring something with you, have something local delivered, or from time to time, eat from one of several local food trucks parked outside.

First Board Meeting of New Year In the Books

President Wayne held his first board meeting of his new year. Officers, as wells as members, were in attendance and ready to roll. One of the highlights from the meeting was Wallace Goodman's presentation for the GRSP 75th Celebration Conclave which our club will be hosting. This is a major part of our club history as it was started with our very own Will Watt.  We will dedicate the GRSP Peace Plaza Fountain at the Marriott Hotel. We will need every club member to participate and help roll out the red carpet for our GRSP students. Please be listening over the next few weeks as members will be reaching out for various committee members and volunteers. Please mark you calendars and save the date for August 17-20, 2021. 

Board meetings are held the first Thursday's of the month at 10:45am in the Garden Room at the Plaza. New and tenured members are encourage to attend, especially if you are interested in becoming a club officer.