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August 23, 2022


August is Membership and New Club Development Month

8/25 Regular Meeting - Eldrick Jacobs Flint & Port Hat Company
9/1 Regular Meeting - Thomasville Fire Department Capt. Mann
9/8 Regular Meeting - Salvation Army/Robyn Hickey
9/15 Regular Meeting - President Richard Carvajal - Valdosta State University President

Our Rotary Family

8/6 Janet Liles
8/7 Rich Massa, Jr.
8/9 Cameron Jahnke
8/9 André Marria
8/13 Andy Vann
8/13 Harry Tomlinson
8/13 Joe Tarver
8/15 Scott Smith
8/15 Holly Phillips
8/16 Michael Jones
8/17 Donald Sims
8/23 Rankin Smith, Jr.
8/29 Mike Stephenson


8/3 Lee Wagner (37)
8/7 Niki Gatlin (12)
8/10 William Dickey (54)
8/13 Coy Irvin (45)
8/19 Gary Tucker (62)
8/19 Carlton Bryant (47)
8/26 Copper Comita (33)
8/26 John Comita, Jr. (33)
8/28 Albert Park (51)
8/29 André Marria (49)
8/29 Walter Marria, Jr. (49)


8/1 Fran Milberg (26)
28 years in Rotary
8/1 Wilson Carraway, Jr. (39)
72 years in Rotary
8/1 Walter Gilbert (31)
8/2 Carlton Bryant (4)
8/2 Adrian Burns (4)
8/2 Pat Choice (4)
8/2 Walter Marria, Jr. (4)
8/8 Scott Sterling (14)
8/10 Debbie Quinton (10)
8/13 Mark Lowe (13)
8/13 Cameron Jahnke (7)
8/16 Niki Gatlin (4)
8/23 Philip Leabo, Jr. (4)
8/24 David Hufstetler (5)
8/25 Andy Sheppard (6)
8/27 David Flowers (13)
8/27 Jamie Lawrence (2)
5 years in Rotary

Rotary Online



Thursdays, 12:15 pm
The Plaza Restaurant
217 South Broad Street
Thomasville, GA 31792


President Danny Braddy
President-Elect Mary Beth Donalson
Treasurer Warren Ballard
Secretary Angela Williamson
Membership William Dickey
Foundation Marta Turner
Public Image Adrian Burns

This Week Program!

Jacobs goes viral on Style Insider - The Post-Searchlight | The  Post-Searchlight Jacobs grew up in Bainbridge spending his high school years sketching clothes and accessories at The Bean that he would then sew and design himself.

He went on to graduate from BHS and attend Georgia Southern, where he pursued a degree in History.

Following his graduation, Jacobs went to Vanderbilt for graduate school, completing a degree in religion and social ethics.

While living in Nashville and attending Vanderbilt, Jacobs said he still had a passion for aesthetics, color and texture. He said he enjoyed noticing how people around the town accessorized themselves and really put passion behind their clothing to express who they were, especially with hats.

Upon completing his degree, Jacobs went to work in the non-profit sector, where he spent five years, before moving to Cleveland, Ohio in the winter.

“The weather was no joke, so while I was in Cleveland I bought my first hat,” he said. “I spent a significant amount of money on this hat and so I began researching why the cost and learned about the different quality of hats and price points.”

That’s when everything clicked with Jacobs and he used his love of history to really dive into the history of hat making.

(Source: Bainbridge The Post Searchlight. April 21, 2021)

What Y0u missed Last Week!

The Rotary Club of Thomasville is the BEST Club in the World and we live out the 4-Way test! There are several great things happening in our community and our club. Thank you Will for sharing with us last week and helping to enlightening our club about the extension of the satellite club.There are endless opportunities to engage and bring in new members to Rotary to help increase membership. We all are responsible for inviting likeminded community leaders. Steve Jobs said, "I've learned over the years that, when you have really good people, you don't have to baby them. By expecting them to do great tings, you can get them to do great things.  

Golf Tournament...

Don't Miss the Golf Tournament this Saturday! We need all hands on deck and Rotarians ready to work and play. Thank you for your support and showing up.