GRSP Giving

The Georgia Rotary Student Program (GRSP) was founded by our own Thomasville Rotarian, Past District Governor (PDG) William A. Watt, resulting in the Rotary Club of Thomasville forever being recognized as the Home Club of GRSP. This coming spring, the GRSP program will be 74 years old. Over these years, our Club has sponsored 90 of the 3,791 GRSP students.

Our Club’s GRSP goal for 2019-2020 is $25,500, of which $10,973.50 has been given as of September 30, 2019, leaving us a balance to raise by April 16, 2020, of $14,526.50. As in past years, it will take all members working together to reach our goal in support of this exceptional program, as GRSP strives to support World Peace.

Members of the GRSP Endowment Fund Committee can be contacted for information: Debbie Goodman, Co-chair; Wallace Goodman; GRSP Co-chair; Scott Rich, GRSP Trustee; Teri White, GRSP CFO; Warren Ballard; John Brown; John Glenn; Carol Jones; Homer Pankey; Harry Tomlinson; Gary Tucker; Kim Walden; Will Watt III, GRSP Host Parent; and Angela Williamson

Eleven GRSP donors reaching new levels of giving from March 30, 2019, through September 30, 2019 were recognized:

  • Hue Thomas Fellow:Marta Jones Turner and Doris Yokley (not present)
  • Will Watt Fellow:David Lewis
  • Governor’s Associate:Shelly Zorn
  • Sustaining Member:Carlton Bryant, Adrian Burns, Pat Choice, Nichole Gatlin, Walter Marria, Trent Reynolds, Kurt Stringfellow (not present)

Thank you all for your support of this worthy cause and congratulations Marta!

Posted by Susan Backofen
October 6, 2019


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