News from the Board

• We are ready to resume regular weekly meetings at the Plaza. If all goes well with a trial run of the technology this week, the goal is to start gathering at the Plaza on Thursday, September 24. Members who cannot or do not wish to meet at the Plaza will still be able to attend virtually via ZOOM. Stay tuned for more on this next week.

• The kickoff for GRSP is set for October, and the Foundation kickoff will take place in November. More info to come in the weeks ahead.

• Board members are entering into a Covenant Agreement… acknowledging their responsibility to serve our club and its members with honor and integrity and to fulfill their leadership roles in a manner which – to the best of their ability – is consistent with the Object of Rotary and which reflects the ethics and values expressed in the 4-Way Test.

• As part of its commitment to elevate the stature and importance of the 4-Way Test in all aspects of our club, the Board approved an expanded role for the 4-Way Test Committee, giving it responsibility for disciplinary reviews triggered by Code of Conduct violations.

• The Rotary lunch vouchers are working extremely well. 57 vouchers had been used as of last week. Members are urged to take advantage of this convenient way to enjoy a restaurant meal. Simply show up and present your voucher for either takeout or eat-in dining. Call-in orders are welcome.

• The pandemic has imposed extreme hardships on many local businesses and organizations. Consistent with President John’s local emphasis this Rotary year, the Board approved a $500 donation to our local YMCA.

Posted by Mike Bixler
September 15, 2020


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