What You Missed Last Week!

Last week’s meeting saw a return to in person meetings. We had thirty-seven in attendance at the Plaza and twenty-three online. It will probably be some time before attendance is back in the eighties and nineties, but it looks like we are getting there.

Don Simms lost his wife last week, so let’s keep Don and his family in our thoughts and prayers. It was also announced that Ed Titus, Ed Elam, and John Glenn are doing well health wise. Joe Brown gave his classification talk. Joe, we all thank you for the many years you gave serving our country. Your service helps make it possible for us to meet each week. If anyone is suffering from cabin fever, please consider volunteering to help Hands Over Thomas County on October 17.

We sometimes take for granted the work we do as a club. Debbie Goodman in her program talk, reminded us that over the years, the Rotary Club of Thomasville has done an outstanding job providing funds to the Georgia Rotary Student Program. Debbie gave us reasons to walk with our heads held a little higher and with a little more bounce in our step. We do great work, and we should be proud knowing that we are making a difference not just in Thomasville but around the world. Thanks, Debbie, for reminding us of the good and meaningful work the Rotary Club of Thomasville is doing in the world. As president John Brown reminds us each week, Rotary Opens Opportunities.

Posted by Walter Marria, Jr.
October 6, 2020


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