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Lessons from Hurrican Katrina--That was Then.  This is Now.  Past hurricane seasons have been some of the worst on record for the USA. Explore how the lessons learned from Katrina have improved disaster response and recovery, and with the warming oceans—will they just get worse?

William Lokey has a 50-year career of travel, adventure, supporting science in polar areas, climbing mountains, and helping communities prepare for, respond to and recover from disaster. He received a degree in Art (Sculpture) in 1969 from Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. During his summers in college, he worked for the Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP), supporting student training and research programs.  From 1969 until 1975 he worked as a contractor for the US Antarctic Program. He did four tours on the Ice spending over 40 months, including a summer season at Byrd Station and wintering over three times, twice at McMurdo Station and once at Palmer Station. He managed logistic support for science research in the field and at the stations and provided survival and search and rescue training to scientists and US Navy support personnel.  More

Posted by Susan Backofen
January 5, 2021


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