What You Missed Last Week!

Is there a Jellyfish hamburger in your future? What about a Jellyfish salad? Will the world be overtaken by jellyfish? These are serious questions according to Dr. Kevin Mis Solval. Dr. Solval was our program for the meeting last week. He is a researcher with the University of Georgia Department of Food Science and Technology. His research shows that there may be Jellyfish on your menu somewhere in the future. The demand for edible Jellyfish is extremely low worldwide. The most prominent countries involved in edible jellyfish production are Burma, China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand. There is production in the U. S., so don’t be surprised to drive into Burger King one day and hear, “Would you like to try our new jellyfish burger?”

Julie Carter gave her classification talk last week. Thanks, Julie, for sharing and allowing us to know you better. Let us all continue to build relationships and carry out the Rotary club mission.

Posted by Walter Marria, Jr.
June 15, 2021


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