Last Week's program

Two weeks into the new Rotary year and we are reminded daily of the new normal facing us. Last week's meeting was opened with President John Brown reminding us of the 100th anniversary of our club’s first meeting. Joe Brown gave a presentation on navigating the Club, District and RI websites. Hopefully, those of us challenged with technology, gained a level of confidence from the presentation. We thank webmasters Howard Stephens and John Comita who are available to those needing assistance.

Nathaniel Abrams gave his 2.0. Some of us got to know Nathaniel for the first time and others learned more about him. We all appreciate the path each of us has traveled to reach our present station.

Angela gave an update on Wallace and later he was able to join the meeting. Our prayers are with all those testing positive with the virus.

Posted by Walter Marria, Jr.
July 14, 2020


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