What You Missed Last Week!

Last week’s meeting had a combined attendance of sixty-one. If I’m not mistaken, there were thirty-seven at the Plaza and twenty-four on Zoom. The bloodmobile was available for those desiring to donate blood, plasma or platelets. Remember that donations can be made anytime at the One Blood Center on U. S 19 South.

Our prayers and thoughts are with Tom Callaway and his family, along with all our fellow Rotarians who are challenged with health issues and losing family members.

Fortson Rumble was our program speaker. He is the owner of Rumble Office City located at 1319 W Jackson Street here in Thomasville. This family owned business has been serving Thomasville for some seventy years. As Fortson said, selling office supplies was not on his radar as a career. But life has a way of helping us make decisions we try to run away from. Not only is Fortson a business owner, he is also a world record holder as a sky diver. He is one of just 130 Americans to participate in a World Record Jump over Thailand. Thanks for sharing some of your life experiences with us, Fortson.

If you do not attend the meetings online or in person, you are missing more than you think. At the end of each meeting, we recite the Four Way Test. These are not just words recited and they should never be. These words remind us who we are as Rotarians and members of the community. They tell us of the character we are to display in our daily lives. They are an excellent way to live each day.

Posted by Walter Marria, Jr.
October 20, 2020


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