Big Impact: FRESH FOR YOU - Free Produce Market

Rotary Club of Thomasville made a BIG IMPACT on our community at our “FRESH FOR YOU - Free Produce Market” in partnership with Second Harvest of South Georgia and Marguerite Neel Williams Boys & Girls Clubs on Saturday, July 22nd. The club’s efforts served 253 households in the Thomasville-Thomas County community this past weekend!

In 2021, during our club's 100th year, we embarked on a mission to discover the most critical needs in our community. The results showed that diabetes, heart issues, and other health concerns affected a higher percentage of our residents compared to other parts of the country. But we didn't stop there! We saw an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the quality of life for our neighbors by addressing this issue head-on. Our initiative to provide fresh, healthy foods to our underserved community members has been incredibly successful. Each month, our "Fresh For You - Free Produce Market" offers a diverse selection of nutritious fruits, vegetables, proteins, and other healthy goodies.

Thanks to your unwavering support, an average of 225 households, representing approximately 900 individuals, have benefited from this wonderful program. In its very first year, the market proudly served over 2,290 households, making a difference in the lives of about 9,160 individuals in total! Join us in celebrating the power of community and the joy of giving back.

Together, we're building a healthier, happier future for Thomasville and Thomas County, one fresh produce at a time!  

A story was published in the Thomasville-Times Enterprise on Monday, July 24th.  To read the newspaper article, please click HERE.

To learn more about how you can become involved with the FRESH FOR YOU - Free Produce Market, please contact Marta Turner.

P.S. Don't forget to check out our digital billboard ads in front of Thomasville's Gateway Shopping Center by Taco Bell!  The ad has been centered around Rotary International's campaign "People of Action" and highlights one of our Big Impact Community Projects: FRESH FOR YOU - Free Produce Market.

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Posted by Shanna Skeen
July 24, 2023


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